Marceline past and Present Progress and Prosperity

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The decade from 1880 to 1890 will go down in history as the greatest ten years of railroad construction on the American continent. Jt was during this period of unparalleled industrial progress that the great trans-continental systems stretched their ribbons of steel over mountain, plain and hill, annihilating distances, connecting the Atlantic and Pacific seaboards and laying down at the doors of the people of interior America the rich products of the Orient and the Occident.

The total mileage of railways in the United States standing at 93,206 miles in 1880, increasing by leaps and bounds until in 1r&90, it had reached an aggregate of 166,706 miles, disclosing the enormous increase in ten years of 63.410 miles.

Among these great enterprises was the Atchison. Topeka & Santa Fe Railway. operating exclusively west of the Missouri River, until the late 80’s, and practically the only competitor in the rapidly developing western country of the Union Pacific, the pioneer of the great plains roads. The Santa Fe, with 2,510 miles of rails in 1883, increasing its mileage in the eleven years following until it was operating, in 1904, 9,345 miles; and the more important and by far the most expensive part of this increased mileage was what is known as the “Chicago Extension,” running almost directly as the crow flies in a northeasterly direction from Kansas City to Chicago, connecting the Great Lakes region with the land of sunshine beyond the snowy peaks of the Rocky Mountain ranges. Experience in railway operation had developed the fact that the welfare and comfort of employees, and
the care and preservation of the vast machinery of the industry, demanded division or terminal points along the lines at a distance of one hundred miles, one from the other; and on the line of the Santa Fe’s proposed extension, one hundred miles northwest from Kansas City, was an open, upland prairie, stretching away to Yellow Creek on the west and the Chariton River on the east, dotted here and there with the homes of the farmers, carpeted with bluegrass, ornamented with the white blossoms and the bright red fruit of the wild strawberry and the bluebell of the fleur-de-lis. Over this beautiful prairie the cattle roamed unmolested and the land produced luxuriously almost without effort.

One day, in 1886, the farmers awoke to meet the faces of strange men, men who talked business incessantly and who wanted to buy options on their land. They offered good prices, put up forfeits, got signed contracts, and before the end of the year the civil engineer with his force of rodmen, chain-bearers and transitmen was on the ground running the preliminary surveys for the Chicago, Santa Fe and California Railway, which. when completed, was to become a part of the great “Santa Fe System.” Events developed with kaleidoscopic rapidity in the new enterprise. Construction work began at both ends of the new line, and in 1887, the Missouri division point was platted and on the 28th day of January, 1888, the first town lot was sold in the new town of Marceline. On the 6th day of March following the town was incorporated. The county court of Linn County, after making the order of incorporation, appointed A. D. Reynolds, mayor; J. H. Perrin, W. S. Thomas, George Levan and J. E. Dorsey, aldermen; Joseph Turner, marshal, all to serve until the regular election of officers. Within six months from the date on which the first lot was sold the new city had a population of 2,500 people. The lands of the townsite were owned and sold by an auxiliary corporation known as the “Santa Fe Town and Land Company,” and to its local offices in Marceline came an ex-lieutenant governor of Kansas, D. W. Finney, 38 sales agent, and with him came Joseph Hemmings, still a resident of Marceline and at the date of the writing of this chapter superintendent of the mines of the Marceline Coal and Mining Company. With the opening of spring in 1888 came remarkable activity in Marceline. It had gotten its name, of Spanish origin, through the request of one of the directors of the new road. The Christian name of the wife of this official was Marcelina, and as a courtesy to her the new town was called “Marceline.” True to its western name, the town took on all the appearances of the cities of the West. Following the construction gangs who were building the railroad line came the usual boomers and the atmosphere was surcharged with energy and hustle. Business houses and residences arose like magic on the corn and wheat stubble of the year before. Vigorous young business men, merchants, professional men, promoters, coal prospectors, gamblers, and all the heterogenous mixture of people who make up the earliest population of new towns were here. The man from the West, with white sombrero ornamented with leather band, touched elbow with the Missouri farmer. The Eastern college man, with his derby hat and coat of latest cut. who had taken Horace Greeley’s advice—‘Go West and grow up with the country’”—forgot his college yell and exchanged his fraternity pin for a bone collar button and all entered enthusiastically into the building of a new city.

The original plat of the city soon became too small for the ambitious builders, and the Marceline Town and Land Company’s addition was platted. By the end of the year 1888, the railroad company had its roundhouse and tracks ready for use and operation, and early in 1889 began in a modest way the operation of trains. The trainmaster and the chief dispatcher with their forces were located at Marceline. The division superintendent, whose jurisdiction then and for many years thereafter included the entire Chicago extension, was located at Fort Madison, Iowa. The need of coal at convenient locations along the new line became manifest and prospecting began at Marceline as well as at other points. Captain U. C. Wheelock, an experfenced prospector, was employed to sink a shaft in search of coal, and finally located a promising vein at what is now known as Mine No Tt. of the Marceline Coal and Mining Company’s property. As soon as the mine was in working condition, the Kansas and Texas Coal Company purchased the property from its local projectors and began preparations for extensive operation. This company operated the mines until October, 1893, when it passed into the hands of the C. J. Devlin interests, who operated it under the name of the Marceline Coal Company until the year of 1907, when Mr. Devlin’s property was swept away in a financial crash which carried with it many large banks and trust companies of the West, and the mines, Nos. 1 and 2, No. 2 having been opened at a later date, were closed out in a court of bankruptcy and passed into the hands of the Marceline Coal and Mining Company, which still operates them. During all the changes and vicissitudes of the properties Joseph Hemmings has been its superintendent, and under his masterful direction the properties are still yielding cnormous quantities of fuel to enlive the wheels of commerce. West of the city another coal mining venture’ was launched by J. L. Landreth, a West Virginian. His beginning, though humble, was nevertheless determined, and as a result of his effort the third coal mine is in successful operation, making its sales almost exclusive to local consumers.

All lines of business were flourishing by midsummer of 1888, and as the people looked forward to prosperity and commercial progress they turned their attention to the building of substantial homes, churches and schools. During the first six months of the town’s existence the two branches of the Methodist Church, the Church of the Disciples, the Baptists, the Catholics and the Cumberland Presbyterians had organized congregations. All the Protestant denominations met for worship in Crumley’s Hall, on Gracia avenue, and the Catholic congregation held their services in Senrick’s Hall on Lake street. J. W. W. Waugh was the first pastor of the church of the Disciples. W. Toole was the first pastor in charge of the Southern Methodist organization, while J. E. Rutledge directed the destiny of the earliest congregation of the First M. E. Church. These two branches of the Methodist faith maintained a separate existence in the town until the year of 1908, when the two congregations were merged into one and the splendid, modern church edifice at the corner of Kansas and Santa Fe avenues, with its many endearing and ornamental fixtures, is the result of that merger.

The Marceline Mirror and the Marceline Journal began business, the first issue of the Journal being sometime in June, 1888.

In November, 1888, the newspaper announced in large headlines that Marceline was soon to have an electric lighting plant, a telephone system, school buildings and street cars. The electric lights came in the following year and were the first in Linn County. The telephone system arrived in due time, true to the prediction; two large, double-story, eight-room school buildings arose to serve the children of Marceline. The first term of school was for a term of seven months during the fall and winter of 1888 and 1889; five teachers were employed to instruct the pupils of Marceline, shown by the first enumeration to be 306: in It912 twenty instructors were employed for a nine months’ term with an enumeration of 1,267.

The town starting with prosperous business, presented a splendid field for speculators, and real estate values continued at exorbitant figures until the year of 1803, when the panic of that year swept over the country. With the passing of the panicky days of the 90’s came renewed confidence, business was restored and real estate values advanced.

In 1898 Walter Cash was elected mayor and under his administration conditions improved. both in a _ business sense and the moral tone of the town. Mr. Cash’s administration began a campaign for civic improvement. Ripley Square, now one of the most beautiful miniature parks on the entire Santa Fe system, was then dotted with unsightly hovels and being located in the very heart of this city; next to the Santa Fe station, presented to the strangers passing through the city a most tnprepossessing prospect. Bonds in the sum of $5,000 for park purposes were voted in 1902, a part of the property was purchased from its owners, much of it was condemned and taken over by the city by legal process and the Santa Fe Railway, through E. P. Ripley, then, as now, its president, gencrously donated to the city ten lots it owned on the site and on which its grain elevator was located. This elevator was removed without cost to the city, the plat was graded, trees planted and walks built. From time to time ornaments were added to the park, including a rifle cannon and mortar relics of the Civil War, donated by the government of the United States, through the courtesy of Senator William Warner, Senator William J. Stone, and Congressman W. W. Rucker. Ornamental fountains were built from which pour living streams to cool and soften the summer air, and on the bosom of the miniature lake, set like a mirror in the green carpet of the beauty spot, aquatic fowls disport themselves, and the graceful movements of the snow white swans ever attract and hold the interest of the visitor. Lounging in comfort on the spreading lawns of this park, beneath grateful shade, the murmur of fountains and the moist-laden breezes lulling to sleep the tired senses, our people have reason to remember gratefully the enterprise of Walter Cash, and his live, progressive, wide-awake administration, and later the unselfish interest and untiring industry of R. M. Wrenn, whose labor and effort added in no small way to the attractions of Ripley Square.

Thus far Marceline had struggled along, passing through the trials and vicissitudes incident to the early history of new towns, but in the early spring of 1903 rumors of important railroad additions to the city began to be heard. No one apparently knew from whence they came and but little credence was given them. The Chicago division of the Santa Fe had been divided, the eastern end being known as the Illinois division, the western end as the Missouri division, and in March of that year the announcement was made that the office of division superintendent of the Missouri division, general foreman of bridges and buildings, the division engineering department and all the additional forces that go with them, were to be located at Marceline without delay. Since locating here the importance of the division offices have increased to such an extent that more commodious quarters were required. A new division office building and passenger station, costing $50,000, is under course of construction. A $75,000 power house and roundhouse will also be ready for use in the near future. Over fifty main line and switching tracks are used and more than 800 heads of families are employed in the transportation department and shops; forty-five to fortyeight trains are operated over this division daily and sixteen passenger trains enter and leave Marceline every twenty-four hours. The yards are thoroughly lighted with‘ electricity and every provision for the safety of employees are in use.

In November, 1908, a proposition was submitted to the city to vote bonds in the sum of $50,000 to erect a system of waterworks, the system was completed and in operation the following year. In the fall of 1912, $35,000 worth of paving was completed, and added to the two blocks previously laid, covers all principal business streets and those to the Santa Fe station.

Marceline has for many years enjoyed the music of a superior concert band made up entirely from the ranks of its citizens, and regular concerts are given during the summer season at the band stand in Ripley Square.

Turning from those primitive days of Marceline, those days of the sixties, seventies and even the eighties, what a change do we find in what is now the metropolis of North Central Missouri; this rapidly growing Marceline, with the business streets teeming with traffic and hurrying people; with new buildings going up on every hand—surely the scene under Marceline’s smiling summer sky is a joy forever. It is indeed a vivid impression of growth that strikes the beholder. On the beautiful residence additions surrounding the commercial center of Marceline the people look down and see the liveliest mart in the State, size considered. Here in progressive Marceline everything is on the move.

Nature’s best endowment of a city consists in the bestowal of those climatic and topographical conditions which contribute to the public health. The healthfulness of a city is a guarantee of its prosperity, and capital cannot be more profitably invested than in guarding it. The past year has been one of great progress in conduct of the ‘sanitary affairs of the city.

The population of Marceline differs in many important particulars from that of any other city in the West. There are no “floaters.” drawn hither by temporary causes. The population of Marceline is stable. The merchants, manufacturers, professional men, mechanics and laborers are Marceline men. They own their own homes. We doubt whether there is another city in the country of equal size, wealth and importance of which these observations are as true as they are of Marceline. A stranger coming here is amazed at the number of lovely lawns and elegant homes. In this feature she is excelled by no city of equal population on the continent. This is as it should be. It evinces a love for home life that is characteristic of every people when prosperous and happy.

Having all the necessary municipal improvements, such as electric lights, gas, waterworks, sewerage, finely paved streets, excellent public schools, new and modern churches and public buildings, it offers every advantage of the largest metropolitan cities.

Marceline is well supplied with public schools, and is known as a seat of education. There are two ward schools and a high school, which in itself will compare favorably and even rank above many college buildings.

Here you will find all the principal denominations of religion, there being seven different churches. Among them are many handsome church edifices, practically new and beautifully located.

The fraternal organizations, lodges and societies have shown wonderful growth and ‘advancement. The following is a list of the most representative: Masons, lodge, chapter and commandery; Brotherhood of American Yeoman; Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers; Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen; Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen; I. O. O. F.: Knights and Ladies of Security; K. O, T. M.; Modern Woodmen of the World; Order of Railway Conductors; Woodmen of the World; Royal Neighbors; Elks; K. of P.; Eagles.

The parks are beauty exemplified, affording pleasure and recreation to the residents and visitors.

Marceline, the metropolis of Linn County, is an up-to-date city of 6,000 souls, cosmopolitan in character; a railroad and industrial city, in that respect making pretense to supremacy over the would-be rival towns of North Central Missouri.

Thus, the Marceline of today, surrounded by a rich and prosperous agricultural domain, is a most desirable place for investment and for a home. In other words, Marceline is “a good place to live in.”

Marceline’s inception dates back a quarter century. With all honor to the pioneers who founded the town, who “blazed the way,” it was with the second generation that came modern ideas, municipal improvements, greater commerce, more beautiful churches, theaters, parks, streets, avenues and homes.

Until today, this advent of the year 1913 finds Marceline a city of commercial importance and municipal beauty calculated to imbue every citizen with a sense of pride for his “home town.”

The waterworks system is owned by the city, and the quality of water is health giving, as clear as a crystal as it comes from the spring supply, or sand strata some. twenty feet under ground. This water is so pure and wholesome that it is used by the Santa Fe on the dining car service. The splendid water system permeates every part of the city.

Other public utilities, such as electric light, gas and telephone, are private ownership, and the service is all that could be asked for.

The public school system is second to none, while the churches are modern and some of them would be a credit to a city of 50,000 population.

But while Marceline is up in the front rank in the matter of advantages making for a delightful place of residence, the city contains industries that gives her commercial supremacy in Linn County.

The Santa Fe System gives employment, as the headquarters of the Missouri division, to about 800 men, with a monthly payroll from $65,000 to $90,000 per month.

As a trade center, Marceline draws the people for a distance of twenty-five miles. The merchants are progressive, advertise extensively in not only the papers of the city, but of neighboring towns as well, and the big trade they receive. season after season, enables them to carry large and varied stocks.

This Souvenir Edition, which has received the support of the leading business interests of the city, is not intended as an individual advertising medium. We will use this space to set forth as concisely as possible the resources of Marceline, Mo., and its unequaled advantages for the manufacturer, investor and homeseeker.

A great many people look upon the cities of our country today as they did ten or fifteen vears ago, and take no time to investigate the situation. Marceline, Mo., for example, will appear to the average investor as a grand place to make safe and profitable investments, as her excellent shipping facilities will command attention, and to the homeseeker and wage-earner steady employment and ideal surroundings both for themselves and their children.

Marceline, Mo., is manifesting a determination to not only hold a position it has already attained among the West’s important cities, but with indomitable spirit she is constantly forging ahead. Her growth is not due to the result of a boom, but the outcome of natural advantages, and the homeseeker, if he be an honest, industrious man (and Marceline has no room for village loafers), can find employment in almost any line, with the assurance that he is growing up with one of the best towns in this or any other county. The city has a population of about 6,000, handsome residences and private grounds, beautiful parks, fine churches and school buildings, and all else that goes to make up a metropolitan city.

Marceline is a city of 6,000, as wide-awake, intelligent, generous and hospitable people as can be found anywhere; a city without a rival in the vast undeveloped resources of the surrounding country.

Factories locating at this point always have command of a sufficient supply of the best labor and the best possible facilities. The raw material is drawn from. all parts of the territory surrounding Marceline, and the markets of the world stand ready and waiting to take these manufactured products.

We have banking facilities sufficient to meet all reasonable demands, and our bankers are thorough, up-to-date, and imbued with the spirit of progress and ready to lend legitimate assistance to all worthy enterprises.

The rapid growth and progress of Marceline in recent years would not have been possible without an administration of public affairs conducted on broad-gauge principles. There has not been a time since first incorporated as a city when our public officials have not stood as a unit for a better and greater Marceline. Politics have been thrown aside when the interests of the city have been at stake, and the result is a city whose municipal departments can show a most enviable record, one that will bear comparison with the best governed cities in the land. The city has been prosperous, the taxpayers generous and the municipal management judicious.

The police department in any city is an important one. We feel we are conservative when we claim that our police force is wide-awake and up-to-date in every particular, consisting of brave, fearless and public-spirited officials. The remarkably low percentage of crime and the promptness with which the violators of the law are brought to justice in this city must be attributed to a very great extent to the efficiency of our police department.

The Marceline fire department is the pride of her people. It is fully manned with skilled and experienced fire fighters and equipped with the most modern apparatus necessary to the successful protection of property.

The industry, enterprise and wealth combined make its growth and ‘importance established facts. One of the assuring signs is the spread of the city—notably in the new manufacturing interests, permanent, graded roads, water mains, fine dwellings, excellent schools and churches in the suburban localities, that give the families the advantage of enjoying country life in the city.

Much could be said, would space permit, concerning the various departments, but as before stated, they will compare favorably with the most up-to-date metropolitan cities, all apparently working towards the one common end—a grander and more perfect municipality.

In the pages following will be found accurate and interesting sketches of various industrial and business concerns, representative merchants, those who stand foremost in thought and action in Marceline.


L. A, MOORMAN LUMBER COMPANY (Inc.). Telephone 93. Although the city’s central location and excellent transportation facilities have been factors in its growth, the resources and enterprise of our business men in pushing their business to a successful conclusion have been the most important factors in placing Marceline in the proud position she holds today as the metropolis of Linn County, in North Missouri. The above named firm were incorporated eighteen months ago as successors to the Brown Lumber Company. They occupy quarters on West California avenue, where their well appointed lumber sheds, 125×140 feet, are heavily stocked with as complete and comprehensive a line of lumber, lath, shingles, interior finish, sash, doors, columns, galvanized iron, plaster, Neponset wall board, Can’t Sag gates, paints, and cement as any similar firm in cities of ten times this size. They have spent their money freely in the upbuilding of this business and as they get the choicest lumber from the sawmills, paying a premium if necessary, but always having the best lumber and building material, it is not strange that the contractors and residents in this city and territory surrounding have found this to be the most advantageous place at which to trade. They have always kept fully abreast of the times and employ up-to-date business methods and as their lumber is purchased in large quantities and by taking advantage of discounts and depressions in the market they are in a position to quote prices on the very best grades of lumber and building material which the average competitor cannot hope to equal. If you contemplate building a house, barn. shed, granary, pigpen, fence or chicken coop, get our prices and inspect our stock before you make your purchase, or, if you do not have the time to come and see us, mail us a list of your requirements and we will gladly quote you.


It is with a feeling of pride and pleasure that we look upon the development in recent years of Marceline. This is due in a great measure to the alertness and ability of our business men who have done everything in their power to promote the industrial and commercial possibilities of the city and to advertise its manifold resources to those living in other parts. The above named firm have been as prominent in furthering these conditions as any other. J. W. McAllister established this business in 1908 and in 1910 it became the property of the present owners, B. McAllister & Sons. The plant is a model in architecture and is thoroughly equipped with the latest machinery known to inventive ingenuity for the manufacture of creamery butter, ice cream, soda water and carbonated drinks. The magnitude of this business and the estimation in which this firm is held by the general public may be better understood when it is stated that their output of butter runs from 2,000 to 6,000 pounds per week, according to the season. They manufacture all kinds of soda water and carbonated drinks, such as gayola, ginger ale and root beer. The output in this department being fifty to one hundred cases per day. Three thousand two hundred square feet of floor space is utilized and six competent employees are required. The methods employed and the machinery in use are such that the product, both butter and the carbonated drinks never touch the hands of the employees, but are carefully and properly sealed by sanitary, especially made machinery. This guarantees a purity and excellence which is unsurpassed by no similar concern, They also conduct a large business in the handling of ice and coal. The members of this firm are: B. McAllister; Ross, manager bottling department; Ralph N., manager ice department; C. B. McAllister, general manager: of. Ww: McAllister, bookkeeper. These gentlemen personally supervise the workings of this mammoth concern and the unusual success of this firm is largely attributed to their close attention to business, honorable treatment of the trade and the fact that they understand all details pertaining to this business.


Marceline is a metropolitan city in every respect and possesses many mercantile establishments that would be a credit to a city of many times this size, one of which deserves particular mention in an addition of this character is the clothing and dry goods store of F. Loeb on Kansas avenue. This store was established in 1895, and is probably more favorably known in this section than any other carrying similar lines of goods. Complete lines of clothing for men and boys, including overcoats, suits and furnishing goods, as well as a complete line of ladies’ furnishing goods, cloaks, suits, skirts and medium and high grade shoes for ladies, gentlemen and children are the chief features of this store. Five employes are required and two floors 25×70 feet are occupied by the comprehensive stock display.


Nothing so accurately measures or correctly defines the business status of a rapidly developing community as the record, standing and _ financial condition of its banks and banking houses, and judged by this universal and unerring standard, this fiscal barometer “Marceline” is in a condition of well diffused prosperity. Our banks have long been known for general soundness, stability and safe responsibility. This financial institution was established in 1907, and owing to the metropolitan methods pursued, conservative judgment, honorable and liberal dealings. they have gained a name and reputation unequaled by any similar firm. The bank is well appointed, occupying a modern building at the corner of Howell and Kansas avenues and the interior is handsomely furnished and artistically decorated and equipped with the most modern banking fixtures, fire and burglar proof vault, safe and appliances. The policy of this bank teems with instances wherein they have conferred every concession consistent with conservative banking and they have been very important in helping to develop the natural resources of this section. This is a local bank owned entirely by local people and they have probably done more to advertise the natural advantages of Marceline in the outside world than any firm similarly situated. The capital stock of this bank is $20,000, the surplus and undivided profits, $3,500, and the deposits amount to about $72,000. The officers of this bank are: R. B. Cardy. president; George F. Gucker, vice president; J. A. Neal, cashier, and J. B. Pfister, assistant cashier. The board of directors are: R. B. Cardy, George F. Gucker, J. B. Pfister, Matthew Clarke and J. Hemmings. These gentlemen are all public-spirited citizens who have made a success in life and are conducting the affairs of this bank along the same safe and conservative lines that have been responsible for the success of their personal interests.


It is important in selecting your drug store to decide on one with a reputation for honesty in all their dealings and where only competent and registered pharmacists are employed under the supervision of a man whose record for honesty and courteous treatment goes without speaking. Such a place is to be found on Kansas avenue and is conducted by W. A., R. M. and F. D. Cater. This store has been established since 1893, and always carries a full and complete line of drugs, druggists’ sundries, books, stationery, wall paper, paints, oil, glass, toilet articles, rubber goods, etc. They specialize handling the “Nyal’s Remedies.” This line of medicine and toilet articles are well known for their purity and health giving qualities. The interior of the store is attractively arranged and displays the extensive stock carried to an advantage. Dr. W. A. Cater was born in Ohio in 1854. He was educated in Illinois and Missouri and has _ practiced medicine and surgery for a long term of years in Marceline, being known as one of the oldest physicians in this community. Dr. R. M. Cater was born in Missouri in 1881, and is a graduate of Kansas University and American Medical College of St. Louis. He directly supervises and manages the above firm, also being a practicing physician. The offices of W. A. and R. M. Cater are located in the store. Mr. F. D. Cater was born in Edina, Mo., and was reared in this city. He took the Bachelor of Science Degree at Kansas University in 1907, and later on in 1910, he was registered as a pharmacist betore the State Board of Health at Kansas City, and has followed this line of business since reaching his majority. These gentlemen are known to be public-spirited and influential men and have long been identified with the growth and prosperity of the city.


Contemplation of purposeful growth is always a source of pleasure to the well ordered mind. The attainment always arrests attention and excites admiration. The accomplishment may be great or it may be small, but if it be an accomplishment there is always in it for the observer, food for present interest and a stimulant for a greater effort, and this bit of moralization is provoked by a casual glance in the great achievement of Dr. R. M. Cater. proprietor of Cater’s New Theater at the corner of Kansas avenue and Howell streets. After ten years of successfully staging high class entertainments for the public, his career speaks eloquently of a small beginning which has even more than fulfilled the expectation of the proprietor as well as public. The Cater Opera House, which complies with all underwriters’ requirements, always has the most refined vaudeville booked for fall and winter seasons, showing the best association photo plays the year around. A three piece orchestra is used and the lighting and ventilating system are all that could be desired by the most fastidious and with a seating capacity for 600 the theater loving public of this community are well taken care of Dy. K. M. Cacer, who personaily supervises the conducting of this theater, was born in Missouri in 1881. He is a graduate of the Kansas University, American Medical College of St. Louis, Mo.. and has followed the profession of medicine and operated a drug store during his entire business life in addition to conducting this high class show house along metropolitan lines. He is a business man of exceptional ability and proven worth, whose years of activity in this community have reflected credit for ingenuity as a physician and has proven him a public-spirited citizen, tireless in his efforts to help upbuild the city or improve the general conditions.


This successful concern was established in 1892 and is recognized as one of the leading provision houses on Kansas avenue. This store comprises within its line of dealings, every article of food consumption to be found in the groceryman’s manual. Prompt service and courteous treatment and best goods at moderate prices have been rules of this house since the start and have been important features in the building up of this unrivaled reputation and large trade. \ complete line of staple and fancy groceries, smoked and dried meats, queensware, ete, with a= specialty made of “Empress” flour, are the chief lines carried. Four clerks and one delivery wagon make long waits for delivery or in giving orders unheard of at this establishment. This firm is composed of Mr. James Hier and son, J. T. Hier. Mr. James Hier was born in Wales, England, in 1846. He located in the United States in 1869, and has been in the coal mining business for thirty-five years previous to establishing this business. He is a member of the I. O. O. F., Knights and Ladies of Security, and has been alderman several terms. Mr. J. T. Hier was born in Colorado, December 4, 1875. He was educated in this city and has been engaged in this business since reaching his majority. He is a member of the M. W. A. This firm is recognized as one of the most reliable and best places in Marceline and these gentlemen are numbered among the public-spirited citizens of civic pride who use all of their influence to boost Marceline.


The growth and advancement of Marceline in all branches and lines of trade has been little less than marvelous during the past decade. She has grown forward with rapid strides and built up enterprises which have made her famous as a progressive and up-to-date city. This we owe to the brains, enterprise and resources of our business men. A _ concern to which we wish to call particular attention is that of Allen & Sutton, large taxpayers and honorable real estate brokers, with offices in the Allen block on West Ritchie street. This business was originally established by Mr. George J. Allen in 1909, the firm of Allen & Sutton having been formed the latter part of 1912. For real estate opportunities, either as an investment or for developing purposes, this firm have an unequaled list to select from. They handle al! kinds of city and farm property, make exchanges, close contracts and deals of all kinds, write insurance and negotiate loans. Their honesty and reliability is unquestioned and they can offer concessions which will be of interest to anyone contemplating purchasing property or renting. Mr. George J. Allen was born in New York state in 1865. He is a graduate of the Ottawa University of Ottawa, Kas. He has followed the implement business for twenty years previous to entering this line. Mr. W. L. Sutton was born in Missouri in 1870, and was educated in this state. He has followed the barber business for a number of vears. An illustration of the agegressiveness and the fact that these gentlemen are boosters for Marceline and keep fully abreast of the times may be estimated when we state that the Allen building, in which this office is located, is the most modern structure in the town and has every feature of modern designs incorporated into its construction.


This Meat Market, the home of good meats, located on Kansas ave-, nue, was established in 1888 and at once took its place as the leading institution of its kind in Marceline. Their equipment is modern, their location central and the interior arrangement of the store all that the fastidious could desire, with every provision for the storing and handling of meats suggested by the experienced. of recent years in_ use Fresh and salt meats and by-products, home-made sausage, kettle rendered lard and only the choicest native stock brought to the block are among the inducements to the public to patronize this up-to-date and finely equipped market in preference to all others. With twenty-five years of practical experience and a natural ability derived from three generations of butchers in their families to guide them, Messrs. Hayden and Morrison are probably two of the most thoroughly versed and widely exnperienced butchers in this section. Three employes are required and all meats handled at this place are killed and dressed under the direct supervision of the proprietors. An _ unrivaled reputation has been gained and an unexcelled trade built up, owing to these metropolitan features. Mr. E. F. Hayden was born in Illinois in 1866. He was reared in Missouri and has followed the butcher business during all his business life. He is a valued member of the Masons. Mr. W. M. Morrison was born in Hope, Kansas, in 1884. He was reared in Drexal, Mo., and has always followed , this line of work.


Guided, managed and upheld by citizens of sterling worth, integrity and wealth. thoroughly describe the First National Bank. The history since its inception in 1888, has been a steady advancement along lines of conservatism and good judgment and its splendid growth gives assurance of its popularity among the individuals and business institutions of this city and vicinity. Established in 1888, as the Bank of Marceline, in 1904, a national bank charter was granted and the name of the First National Bank adopted. The bank has a capital stock of $25,000, surplus and undivided profits of $55,000, and deposits amounting to $240,000. The bank is housed in a beautiful building at the corner of Kansas and Howell streets and is fully equipped to conduct a metropolitan banking business, The magnificent interior is handsomely furnished in oak and marble with bronze fixtures. The vault and safe are of the most improved styles and with burglar insurance, every precaution is taken for the safety of valuable papers and funds entrusted to their care. They conduct a general banking business, receiving deposits, making domestic and foreign exchanges, collections, furnish drafts good in any part of the world, negotiate loans, etc.. and respectfully solicit the patronage of business houses, corporations, city and rural residents. The officers of this bank are: W. G. Lancaster, president; George W. Early. cashier. and F. G. Lancaster, assistant cashier, The directors are: W. G. Lancaster, George W. Early, F. G. Lancaster, W. S. Woods and H. W. Pratt. The broad, liberal policy pursued by the management of this institution, its readiness at all times to meet all legitimate requirements of its numerous clients and patrons, its steady and progressive manner of enlarging its sphere of usefulness have combined to give it the leading place among financial institutions in this section. Those connected with chis institution are, all public-spirited and influential business men who have long been identified with the growth and prosperity of Marceline.


To men having large property interests in the shape of dwelling houses, factories, mills, warehouses, business blocks, farm buildings, etc., the assistance of the insurance agent is indispensable. By his careful discrimination in the acceptance of bustiness and distribution of risks the experienced underwriter becomes intermediary, who guards the interests of the companies and property owners alike. An insurance agency that has well earned implicit confidence of a clientage embracing the leading merchants and property owners of Marceline and rural districts surrounding is Smedley’s Fire Insurance Agency on West Howell street. This business was established in 1888 by F. A. Smedley and since 1901 has been under the direct management and supervision of Mr, Harry Smedley. Insurance in all itsbranches are handled, his motto being, “The kind of insurance that insures.” He handles fire and tornado insurancebysome of themost reliable and largest companies in the world. He also furnishes. surety bonds, representing the most reliable of surety bonding companies. A large business is enjoyed from all sections of the surrounding territory, owing to the honorable dealings, quick adjustments and settlements afforded all. Mr. Harry Smedley was born in Macon, Mo., in 1883. He was reared in Marceline and has followed the insurance business during his entire business career. He is a member of the K. of P., F. of A., Yeoman, and is highly esteemed.


Located on Kansas avenue and established in 1905, is to be found one of the finely equipped and heavily stocked hardware stores in this city, and one which has a firmly established and merited reputation. A large line of builders’ hardware, tools, cutlery, stoves, ranges, small implements and everything which goes to make a complete hardware store, are found in this well appointed place. They also carry an extensive line of sporting goods and execute plumbing and tin work and install hot water, hot air furnaces and bathroom fixtures. Mr. John F. Kantz is manager of the plumbing and heating department. Six employees are required to cater to the demands of the public. The large trade enjoyed permits supplies and stock being purchased in large quantities, therefore they take advantage of discounts and depressions in the markets and can offer concessions to the residents of this section which cannot be equaled by any similar establishment. This fact, together with the fact that they keep fully abreast of the times and employ modern methods, have been their most valuable assets in gaining the trade and reputation of high standing which they enjoy. Nine thousand and two hundred square feet of floor space is utilized by the comprehensive, guaranteed line of hardware, stoves and supplies carried. Mr. G. W. Bigger, the senior member of the firm, was born in Linneus, Mo., in 1872. He attended the Michigan University at Ann Arbor. Mich., and was engaged in civil service work for three years previous to locating here. Mr. Bert Oldham, the junior member of the firm, was born in Chariton County, Missouri, and there educated. He has been engaged as a railroad engineer on the Santa I*e for three years prior to becoming a member of this firm. These gentlemen are numbered among the progressive and influential of our citizens, and are always ready to lend a hand to any movement which would be for the betterment of the moral or commercial interest of Marceline.


The magnitude of the industrial and mercantile establishments of Marceline only become apparent when a thorough disclosure is made of the capabilities and resources of each individual establishment. To present to the outside world and to those who are in quest of a thrifty location in which to establish a business, we shall depict the important array of wealth and enterprise engaged in developing Marceline and vicinity. One firm to which we wish to call special attention is the W. E. Thomas [.umber Company, dealers in lumber and farm implements, wagons, buggies, builders’ hardware, cement, tiling, brick, paints, oils, etc. This is one of the largest lumber and implement firms in this section and the premises utilized are well equipped to meet the requirements of a mammoth business. This business was established twenty- five years ago as the Cannon Lumber Company, this firm being their successors. Mr. R, T. Girvin, the active manager of this business, was born in Illinois in 1861. He was reared in that state and has had wide experience in the lumber business. Previous to entering the lumber business, he was engaged as a building contractor. This experience in both purchasing as a consumer and buying from the producer has been valuable in his building up this unequaled name and large trade which this firm enjoys. He is a valued member of the I. O. O. F. and an earnest worker in the Methodist Church and Sunday school.


Marceline is rapidly striving for a remarkable future. Our manufacturing and mercantile establishments already compare favorably with those in many of the metropolitan cities and they are a guarantee of the MR. R. T. GIRVIN, enterprise and progressiveness of our business men. In the bakery line we point with pride to Snyder’s Bakery on Kansas avenue, which was established in March, 1911. The products of this establishment are in great demand throughout the city and the plant is run to its capacity in order to supply the trade with the wholesome bread, cakes, confections, pastries and bakery products of every description, which they make with the best of ingredients amid clean and sanitary surroundings. The most improved ovens and latest known mixing machinery has been installed and every facility to promote the quality of goods manufactured are in use. Five experienced bakers and assistants are required and a specialty is made of making MANAGER. cakes and pastry goods for weddings and parties on short notice. A better estimate of the amount of business handled by this firm can be understood when it is stated that practically all of the provision houses in this city and the towns in the territory surrounding receive the products of this firm freshly made each day to dispense to the prudent buyers in their localities. Mr. W. B. Snyder was born in Montgomery County, Maryland, in 1857, and was educated there. He has been in the bakery business for the past five years and was a machinist for fifteen years, having been formerly employed by the American Steel and Wire Company. Mr. Snyder is a member of the M. W. A.


One of the heavily stocked and complete jewelry establishments in Marceline and one which has a firmly established and merited reputation for reliability of goods handled is that conducted by Mr. Albert Zurcher on Kansas avenue. A fine line of watches, clocks, cut glass, optical goods, kodaks, pianos, hand painted china and jewelry novelties are on display. This place was established in 1908, and the proprietor is known as one of the few classical watchmakers of this city, making a specialty of watch, clock and jewelry repairing and manufacturing. The estimation in which Mr. Zurcher is held in this community may be better understood when we state that the Santa Fe employees from this division have their timepieces inspected at his place by orders of the Santa Fe Railroad. four employees are required to take care of the ever increasing trade and the store building occupied is well appointed and attractively arranged with the high grade and expensive lines of conservatively selected goods carried. Mr. Zurcher was born in Switzerland in 1882. He was educated and reared in that country and acquired his knowledge of jewelry and watch making under the old masters of that country He has been a resident of the United States since 1902 and seeing the possibility of this community for a high class jewelry establishment, he located here in 1908. He is a member of the I. O. O. F. and is highly esteemed as a public-spirited and enterprising citizen. He was married May 23. 1909, to Miss Margaret Breslich of Elgin, Ill. One girl, Elsie. bas blessed this union. Mr. Zurcher’s parents were also born in the city of Biel. in that land of William Tell and Arnold Winkelriel. Their life has been spent there and the father. a skilled watchmaker. is owner of a flourishing business. Of six children, three boys and three girls, four, two boys and two girls, are residents of this country. The other two, one boy and one girl, living with their parents in Switzerland.


This organization is composed of the Santa Fe Railway employees and business men and residents of this city and was promoted chiefly for the purpose of affording a high class harmless amusement to the citizens and visitors. They have a lease on forty acres about one mile south of the business center, twenty-two acres is devoted to a pure water, spring fed, artificial lake, stocked with 10,000 fishes in 1912, the balance of the grounds to tennis, croquet and trap shooting and with the 300 trees and artistic landscape gardening, flower beds, etc., this is an attractive place in the summer. A well appointed club house with sufficient number of bathers’ lockers, boating dock, finely finished banquet room and dance hall has been erected at an enormous expencliture, with one side adtacent to a hill leading to the park drive and the other over the lake, affording the hest possible pleasure boat wharf. During the summer boating and bathing are enjoved and the 190 members with their friends and visitors keep the lake and grounds continually ringing with the evidence of this unusual sport and recreation. This is the leading social organization and comprises the pest element of Marceline populace.


In making a review of the prominent institutions of Marceline, it is the intention to hold up to public view only those institutions which have contributed toward the development of the commercial importance of the city and whose standing in their particular line of endeavor is of the highest. In this connection we cannot speak too highly or make more favorable mention of any one firm than that of Campbell & Sons. Automobile Garage and Blacksmith Works. on North Kansas avenue. This business was established in 1887 as a general blacksmith shop. Owing to the advancement of the time and demand of the trade the garage business was added and the necessary machinery installed so that work of this character can be accomplished with the same satisfaction as in the large machine shop in the cities. All kinds of blacksmith and machine work, forging, furnishing supplies and missing parts are chief features of this combination establishment. Horse shoeing and general wagon, carriage and repair work are also executed. Mr. W. Campbell was born in Virginia in 1858. He became a resident of Missouri in 1862 and was educated here. He has made a life study of blacksmith and machine work and is known as an adept in this line. He is a member of the M. W. A., Eagles and K. of P. Mr. Clarence Campbell was born in Missouri in 1884 and educated in this city. He has received his instructions in this line of work from his father and has developed into an expert mechanic and all around blacksmith.


With a patronage coming from all classes of people from this city and vicinity and with a meritorious reputation gained through handling the best the market affords and catering to the public in a manner which has made permanent customers, the above named lunch room is operated by Mrs. Mary Doyle and is located on Kansas avenue. This business was established in Ig11, after she had successfully conducted a large boarding house foi nine years. Mrs. Doyle is the mother of one son, Frank, who is attending High School. Frank has been fatherless since he was 2 years of age. How successful she has been may be better understood when it is stated that she owns the building in which this restaurant is located, and a fine residence in this city. She has served the public faithfully and has proven a valuable asset to the community, both as a business lady of rare judgment and as a_ proprietress of an eating house where the best home cooked meals to be had are served.


A prominent physician and one which the residents are justly proud of, is Dr. W. A. Shelton. He has been practicing medicine and surgery since November 25, 1888, and occupies a four-room suite in the Shelton building on Kansas avenue. Dr. Shelton was born in Lewis County, Missouri, and received his medical education at Keokuk, Iowa. He later took post-graduate work at Butler’s School and at Martin’s School in Chicago. He holds diplomas from three other medical schools, has life membership in Missouri Pharmaceutical Association, life membership Literary League Study Course at Chicago and same in American Pharmaceutical Association. Previous to locating here he was assistant physician for Katy R. R. in Texas. He has passed examinations, admitting him to practice in several states.


High grade, correct style, heavy and light weight harness is a specialty of the well-known house of J. J. Nothdurft on Kansas Avenue. He deals in saddlery, harness, robes, whips, horse clothing, etc., and goods are sold at prices positively as low as is consistent with the superiority of goods, a fact widely known to the owners of horses in Marceline and vicinity, many of whom patronize this firm exclusively. This business was established in 1905. This harness, unlike the machine made article, where a machine will work up any quality of material and the hand will instinctively shun inferior grade, proves durable and more lasting and has been the most valuable asset in furthering this business. All kinds of heavy or light weight work and driving harness and saddles manufactured to order. This is the best store in town handling harness and likewise enjoys an unsurpassed trade. Mr. J. J. Nothdurft was born in Cape Girardeau County, Missouri, in 1881. He was educated in that county and has followed the harness manufacturing business for the past thirteen years. He is a member of the Eagles and highly esteemed by all.


Among the many pharmacies in this city, there are none known which hold a more prominent position among the physicians and residents alike, than that conducted by Mr. E. W. Tayler on Kansas avenue. The drug store is completely stocked with drugs, chemicals, toilet articles, rubber goods, patent medicines, imported and domestic cigars, Spalding’s line of sporting goods, the Rexall remedies, books and stationery and chinaware. A specialty is made of compounding physician’s prescriptions. This work is executed by a skilled pharmacist only, therefore guaranteeing accuracy in compounding and purity of ingredients used. In brief, this well appointed and handsomely arranged store of 25×70 feet, with a balcony 20×25 feet, is complete in every detail of equipment and the stock carried includes the best grades by the leading producers at moderate prices and will compare with any similar establishment in the larger cities. Mr. E. W. Tayler was born in Illinois in 1869. He received his education in Missouri and has had twenty-six yeays’ practical experience in this line. In 1887 he established this business after having been engaged in a similar business with his father. As before stated, he operates a store which compares favorably with similar establishments in the cities. The fixtures, wall cases and show cases are the most modern style and affords ample storage and display room for the large and conservatively selected stock of drugs, wall paper, paints, glass, prescription department, etc. Mr. Tayler, the live and enterprising proprietor, is a member of the Masons, I. O. O. F., and has been a member of the school board for the past six years.


The widely and favorably known clothing and furnishing goods house of L. Weinstein on Kansas avenue ranks with the best in this section and would do credit to any city of ten times this size. This business was established in 1909 and has grown to large proportion under the judicious management of the proprietor. A specialty is made of the M. A. Packard Shoes and Fit Well Clothes. These clothes are known in all parts of the country for their lasting, fit, durability, style and the high grade material used in their manufacture. The line of furnishing goods includes all articles of wearing apparel and makes this store a veritable emporium of suits, overcoats, shirts, underwear, neckwear, shoes, hats, caps and findings. Mr. L. Weinstein is a native of Russia, having been born there in 1879. He located in this country in 1898, following the hardware and this business since. He is a valued member of the Masons, Marceline Chapter 118, R. A. M., and K. of P.


Although public-spirited citizens should patronize home industry, they are not to be blamed if they go elsewhere to buy their merchandise if the home merchants do not handle complete stocks and quote reasonable prices. These objections, however, cannot be raised against the shoe store of J. E. Milstead on Kansas avenue, as they not only handle the largest and most complete stock of shoes in Marceline, but their line and prices will compare favorably with any other store in this section of the country. Since beginning, in 1903, a well merited and honorable reputation for handling good goods at honest values has been maintained. The line of shoes carried is complete and has been selected for durability, fit and quality and consists of medium and high grade footwears and findings. A specialty is made of the “Julius Koehene” shoes for ladies and the “Stacey & Adams” for men. These brands with the other complete lines for all members of the family, make this an advantageous place at which to trade. The 1,500 square feet of floor space is heavily stocked with the conservative lines carried and the well appointed fitting room. Mr. J. E. Milstead, the successful proprietor, was born in Kirksville, Mo., in 1878. He received his education in that town and was previously engaged in the grocery business at La Platta. Mo. He is a member of the I. O. O. F. and is numbered among the enterprising and influential business men.


Marceline, Mo., is the metropolis of one of the richest sections of Missouri in natural resources and already ranks high in the surrounding territory. The real estate from this section offers grand opportunities for investment and no real estate firm in the city is better equipped for handling business of this kind than W. N. Wheeler, who has well equipped first floor offices on Kansas avenue in his own building. This business which has a distinction of being one of the largest real estate offices in this section, was established in 1887. Properties in all sections are bought, sold and exchanged and an immense business conducted in developing and handling Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas farm land. Mr. Wheeler is authority on real estate values, as he keeps fully abreast of the times and is on the market continually, knowing the value of properties in all localities, therefore, he is in the best possible position to accommodate his patrons with opportunities for profitable investments in real estate. He owns and operates large tracts of land in Oklahoma and Texas and specializes buying stores and stocks of merchandise. Mr. Wheeler is a native of Chariton County, Missouri, and has been a resident of this city for a long term of years, having won this name of high standing by honesty, integrity of purpose and reliability. He is highly esteemed as an influential and successful business man.


Carrying an immense and varied stock, doing a large volume of business annually and employing modern and progressive methods, the widely known hardware store of W. E. Parks on Kansas avenue occupies a leading position among similar concerns in this city. Hardware of every description is carried, including shelf and builder’s hardware, fine cutlery, tools, stoves and ranges, tin ware, field fencing, etc. Skilled workmen are employed and 3,500 square feet of floor space is occupied. W. E. Parks established this business on August 12, 1902, and in 1908 he erected the building in which he is now located, and the business has grown to large proportions. In arrangement and in displaying the merchandise handled, this store stands in a class by itself and would do credit to any city of ten times this size. Mr. W. E. Parks, the active head. and proprietor, was born in Illinois in 1856. He was educated in Illinois and Missouri and is a graduate of the Warrensburg State Normal. He is an educator of worthy comment, having taught school for twenty-three years. He was principal of the Marceline High School for four years and taught several years in the graded schools, and at present is a member and treasurer of the School 3oard. He is a member of the Masonic bodies, I. O. O. F., financial secretary K. and L. of Security, and is highly esteemed.


One of the advantages which the people of Marceline and vicinity have which is not possessed by every city, is a first-class metropolitanly conducted gent’s furnishing goods, “lets ing and shoe house. This we owe to the proprietor named in the above heading, who established this business in 1889. While there are a number of firms handling clothing and shoes in this city, there are none deserving more particular mention than Sig. Steiner, whose success was assured from the start, owing to the line carried and prices quoted. With handsomely equipped quarters on Kansas avenue, heavily stocked with a guaranteed line of high grade clothing, shoes and furnishing goods for men and boys this place has long been headquarters among the particular dressers of this locality. A specialty is made of the Sincerity brand of clothing. These clothes are carefully made, are hand tailored and portray the latest lines of the designer’s art. Three courteous assistants are employed to take care of the mammoth business. Mr. Sig. Steiner was born in Austria in 1855 He located in this country in 1864 and has followed the clothing business during that time. He is a member of the I. O. O. F., W. O. W. and was city treasurer at Fairfield, Ill, during 1887 and 1888. He is a public spirited citizen and highly esteemed in social and financial circles.


One of the enterprises in this city having attained a strong degree of prestige in all circles and one doing a substantial and prosperous business, is that of Marts Brothers, on West Howell street. This business was established in 1900 and in 1912 Marts Bros. assumed the proprietorship. Expert horseshoeing, taking proper care of the feet and making shoes so that interfering or other travel ailments are unnoticed, are chief features. In addition, forging and blacksmith work of every character is executed. The shop of 2,000 square feet is equipped with all the latest machinery and tools for the proper turning out of high grade work and four skilled mechanics are given employment. Mr. R. A. Marts was born in Macon, Mo., in 1874. He has followed this line of work for twenty years. He is a member of the W. O. W. Mr. W. M. Marts was born in Randolph County in 1888. He has followed this line of work for seven years. He is a member of the W. O. W. and National Americans.


Things that concern the home have the particular interest of all members of the family at once. The name of Hutcheson is a fixture among people who like things of quality for home purposes along the line of household furnishing goods. This firm is located on Kansas avenue and was ¢stablished in 1904. The present proprietor being successor to Robinson & Hutcheson. The success attained by Mr. Hutcheson is largely attributed to the honest dealings in all his transactions and the fact that every class of furniture that is needed or desired by any class of people can be found at this store at prices that are always the lowest and will compare favorably with those found in the cities. The line includes furniture of every description from leading manufacturers, guaranteed for durability and reliable service. Mr. Hutcheson also specializes in undertaking and embalming. If there is one business more than another that requires for its prosecution a large amount of fine taste, delicacy of thought and expression towards its patrons and a tender regard for their feelings, it is that of the funeral director. We reter with pleasure in this respect to C. C, Hutcheson, who has won a name and reputation unsurpassed by any similar funeral director in regard to the proper conducting of funerals. He also carries a line of burial clothing, caskets, operates his own hearse and ts the oldest licensed embalmer in Marceline. This furniture and tndertaking business requires three assistants, and the stock occupies 5,000 square feet of floor space. Mr. C. C. Hutcheson was born in Chariton County, Missouri, in 1864. Ile received his early education in that county and graduated from the Meyer College of Embalming. He was previously engaged as a salesman for an implement factory, and has long been recognized as a thoroughly versed business man and a highly honored citizen. He is a member of the Masons, I. O. O. F., M. W. A, Knights and Ladies of Security, Yeoman and Missouri Funeral Directors’ Association.


The situation reviewed by T. M. Ludden, one of the leading real estate and insurance brokers of this city, shows the reliability and popularity he has gained by the extensive business he has built up in the last fifteen years. Mr. Ludden has unbounded faith in Marceline and farm lands surrounding and has probably done more to advertise his city to the outside world than any other one man. Mr. Ludden holds a great advantage over other business men in this line, as he is personally acquainted with nearly every tract of land in this section of the state and has an extra large list of farms, ranch, mining land and city property to sell or exchange. Anyone desiring to purchase or make an exchange of property will make no mistake in consulting him, as he can be relied upon at all times. His office is located on West Howell avenue in the Marceline State Bank building. Real estate in all its branches are the main features of this business, including the writing of insurance and making loans on first mortgage improved property. Mr. Ludden, the successful and enterprising proprietor of this business, was born in Ohio tn 1&6. He was educated in Adair County, Missouri, and became a resident of Linn County in 1894. He is president of the board of education and was city clerk for seven years. These facts together with his high standing in the community, prove his worth and efficiency to. the residents and strangers needing advice in real estate lines. He is a business man of exceptionally rare business qualifications with a large amount of forethought and acumen.


The importance of Marceline as a retail center is duly demonstrated by the prominence and popularity of the furniture and undertaking house of James Mclaughlin on Kansas avenue. This business was established in T894 and has shown a decided increase with cach succeeding year, through faithfully supplying — the wants in this community in furniture, houschold goods and the careful manner in which embalming and conducting funerals is handled. A fine line of furniture, carpets, etc., in all the varied grades, styles and prices are attractively arranged and displayed to an advantage in the 4,500 square feet of floor space utilized. The furniture and furnishing goods to properly furnish any sized dwelling can be obtained at this place with the assurance that you are getting the best the market affords at positively the lowest prices. In addition to the furniture business an undertaking and embalming department is operated in connection. Mr. McLaughlin is a licensed embalmer and personally supervises the embalming of bodies for immediate burial or shipment. Funerals are conducted and all charge taken of arrangements, from the death until interment, without the assistance of the bereaved. An elegant line of burial clothing, caskets and funeral goods are also handled and Mr. McLaughlin is the owner of one oft the finest hearses and ambulance to be found in this section of Missourt, It is owing to these features and the metropolitan manner in which this business has always been conducted that he attributes his success. The line of goods carried will compare favorably in both quality and price with that found in the larger establishments in a larger metropolis, and the two courteous assistants employed take especial pains in catering to the desires and wishes of the large throng of particular people who make this place their headquarters. Mr. James McLaughlin was born in Linn County in 1878. [Tle received his early education in Chariton County, Missouri, and attended embalming schools in both St. Louis and Kansas City. He has been engaged in this business for the past five years, having succeeded his brother, Robert McLaughlin. He is a member of the W. O. W., K. of P.. National American, F. O. E., K. of C., and is highly esteemed.


Located on Kansas avenue is to be found one of the up-to-date and important establishments of this city, where a complete line of the latest patterns and styles in dry goods, shoes, etc., are to be had. This business was established in 1894, and ranks with the leaders in amount of business conducted and quality and quantity of stock carried. This is one of the best arranged and most handsome stores in this city and likewise carries a corresponding stock of dry goods, furnishing goods and shoes for men, ladies and children. They also carry an extensive line of imported and domestic, staple and fancy groceries, canned goods, tea, coffee. spices, produce, smoked and dried meats. A specialty is made of “Peters’ Shoes” for all members of the family and the “Agate” hard wheat flour. The mammoth business conducted permits goods being purchased in large quantities and they are in a position to offer concessions to the prudent provision buyer in the form of lower prices on high grade, standard merchandise and provisions than the less thoroughly equipped competitor can hope to equal. Mr. J. T. Wallar, senior member of this firm, was born in Ohio in 1844. He was reared in that state and has followed the mercantile business during all his business life. He is known as a progressive business man and is a valued member of the Masonic fraternity. Mr. S. W. Wallar, the junior member, and son of the founder, was born in Ohio in 1872. He was reared in this state and has followed the mercantile business during his entire business career. He is a member of the I. O. O. F., a thorough business man of modern ideas and exceptional ability.


More and more as the years run around, attention is paid to the necesities of apparel and the importance of artistic tailoring is increasingly appreciated. The training and experience of Mr. B. J. Thomas, manager of this establishment on Kansas avenue have qualified him, it would seem, to sit in judgment where the art Sartorial is unquestionable. This busmce was established in 1903 by E. Bryant, and has gained promanaes in this community in each succeeding year. Mr. Bryant at present conducts a similar establishment at Phoenix, Ariz. These clothes are made of the best woolen and fabrics and the latest styles at modern prices with a guarantee of satisfaction. Some of the most particular dressers of the community have long made this place their headquarters. They also do cleaning, pressing and repairing of clothes and give employment to two skilled tailors. Mr. B. J. Thomas, the manager, was born in La Plata, Mo., in 1883, and there educated. He was previously engaged in the laundry business at that place and become manager of this shop in March of 1912. He is known as an expert tailor and a conscientious business man.


A city’s importance is largely judged by its hotel facilities. The Allen Hotel is the leading hotel in Marceline, conducted on the American plan; rates, $2 per day, and has accommodations for 150 guests. The hotel is conveniently located within easy access of the railroad station and business center and is a modern building constructed with a view of convenience for guests, having all equipment and modern devices incorporated in its construction, such as hot and cold water in each room, steam heat, electric lights, etc. This hotel was established in roa06, and has maintained a meritorious reputation among the traveling public, owing to the manner in which it is conducted, with quick service, elegant cooking and fine furnishings. The present proprietress, Mrs. Eva McDonald, has had charge of this hotel for the past four years only, but owing to her careful supervision of the management and the fact that she understands catering to the desires of the public, a large trade is enjoyed at all times. Mrs. McDonald was born and reared in Macon County, Missouri. She has been engaged in restaurant business for several years previous to taking charge of this hotel. She ts a thoroughly versed business lady of pleasing personality and is highly esteemed by all who know her.


Merit, excellence and high grade work have brought the Electric Shoe Shop into prominence among the residents of this city and vicinity. Well equipped with the latest known machinery and appliances for repairing shoes and making shoes to order, the Electric Shoe Shop on West Howell Street, was established in 1909. The machinery is operated by electricity and all work turned out is guaranteed to be exactly as represented with the best material only being used. A reputation unexcelled by no similar firm has been maintained and a large trade is enjoyed. Mr. W. Kreig was born in Ft. Wayne, Ind. in 1872. He was educated in that city cual was engaged in a similar business in Chicago for fifteen years. His close attention to business, coupled with the conscientious work turned out have been the distinctive features in placing this shop and the proprietor in the high estimation of the public.


The success attained by Mr. Otto Zurcher speaks highly of his ability as a man of taste, thoroughly versed in the millinery art and a buyer of experience. Although he has only been located in Marceline since 1907, this store on Kansas avenue is one of the most popular establishments of its kind in a large territory. A large stock of pattern hats, millinery goods of all kinds, trimmings, etc., direct from the style centers, are on hands at all times. A specialty is made of trimmed hats and making hats to order to conform with the style and type of the wearer. In addition to the millinery goods, Mr. Zurcher handles a fine line of cloaks, suits, waists, skirts and ready to wear furnishing goods for ladies. All of the latest styles and best patterns in these lines are always on display at at this metropolitan establishment. Three experienced and deft assistants are required and 2,300 square feet of floor space is utilized by the display rooms and fitting parlors. Mr. Zurcher was born in Switzerland in 1874, he came to the United States in 1901, and. has been engaged in this line of business since. He is a member of the Masons and I. O. O. F.


The growth and advancement of Marceline in all lines and branches of trade has been a little less than marvelous during the past decade. It has grown forward with rapid stride and built up great enterprises which have made it famous as a progressive business center. A concern to which we wish to call special attention in this edition is the above named firm operating a mammoth livery and sale barn on West Gracia avenue. This business was established in 1900 and moved to their present location in 1911. Gentle and spirited riding and driving horses and handsome turnouts are on hand and at the disposal of the public, a dray line is operated, and a general boarding and sales business conducted. The barn is thoroughly equipped with the latest designs and improvements necessary for the conducting of a metropolitan livery establishment. They also buy horses and mules and ship in carload lots to the large markets. The success Of this firm is attributed to the fact that they understand horses, care and take pains in seeing that courteous treatment in addition to moderate prices is afforded all. Mr. W. J. Minich was born in Fulton County, Illinois, in 1853. He was reared and educated in Linn and Chariton County, Missouri. Since reaching his majority he has been engaged in farming, raising, trading, buying and selling of horses and mules. He is a member of the Eagles. Mr. C. R. Minich was born in Chariton County in 1885. He received his education in that county and Linn County. He also contracts for railroad grading, road building and paving in addition to helping manage this livery and sales business. He is a member of the Eagles.


The above named gentleman, one of our prominent dentists, was born in Russellville, Mo., in 1883. He attended the State Notmal at Warrensburg and is a graduate of the Kansas City Dental College. In November Of Ig10 he became located in this city after having practiced this profession in Mount Rose, Mo. He occupies a suite of offices in the Cater suilding and enjoys a meritorious reputation and a remunerative trade from the particular and discriminating people of this vicinity. He practices dentistry and dental surgery in all its forms. He is a member of the Masons.


E. R. Hamacher, Proprietor. One of Marceline’s latest acquisitions to its wholesale industries is that of the above named firm, manufacturers and wholesalers of flour and meal and occupying modern quarters on the Santa Fe tracks. This business was established four months ago and their product has become well and favorably known to the public and their rapidly increasing business is the best proof of the purity and excellence of their brands of flour and meal. The mill is a commodious structure, modern in every respect and thoroughly equipped with machinery for the manufacture of the highest grade mill products and has a capacity of turning out 100 barrels of flour and forty barrels of meal per day, and the satisfied users of their high patent flour and meal assures them of a patronage requiring the operatin~ of this mill at full capacity and the employment of six to eight men, This firm also has an elevator capacity of 2,000 bushels, furnishing a direct market for all erain raised in this and surrounding territory. Mr. E. R. Hamacher, the proprietor and active head of this mill, was born in Carroll County, Mo., and was reared in Ray County, Misseur:s. He has had twenty-five years’ experience in the milling business and is thoroughly conversant with both the manufacturing and selling end. He is a member of the K. Ore.


Located near the New Union Depot in this city will be found the restaurant and eating house of A. L. Curtis, formerly opened to the public in 1908, on the old depot cite. The lunch room is 28×36 feet, finished in birch to conform with the artistic decorations of the new depot. This handsome interior will be supplemented with modern counters, stools, tables, the best of utencils and dishes. The service is quick, the cuisine all that could be desired by the most fastidious, with well cooked edibles of all dishes that the market affords. Four courteous assistants are required and a specialty is made of seeing that everyone gets exactly what is ordered, served amid clean and sanitary surroundings. Mr. A. L. Curtis, the proprietor, was born in New York City in 1881. He was educated in Brookfield, Mo., and has been located in Marceline for the past nine years. Five years of this time he was engaged in the barber trade previous to establishing this business. He is a member of the W. O. W.


Metropolitan business methods, courteous treatment, quick service and low prices are the distinguishing features which have brought into prominence the high class establishment of S, Svensson on Kansas avenue. This business was established in 1908 and has rapidly taken its place among the leading of similar concerns in this section. A line of general merchandise, including dry goods, shoes, china ware, queensware, groceries, smoked and dried meats, coffees, Gold Medal flour, etc., are carried. These goods are carefully selected to meet the demands of the most particular and prudent buyers. They are purchased from the leading manufacturers in the country and as Mr. Svensson depends upon the volume of business for his profits rather than upon individual sales, his stock is moved regularly and no shelf worn or out of date merchandise is allowed to accumulate. The mammoth business conducted requires the assistance of five employees and one delivery wagon is operated. The interior of the store is attractively arranged, displaying to an advantage the handsome line of merchandise on hand. Mr. S. Svensson, the proprietor, was born in Sweden in 1866. He came to the United States in 1881 and located in Lingo, Mo., where he operated a similar establishment very successfully for eighteen years previous to locating here. He is a member of the I. O. O. F. and W. O. W.


No finer object lesson in the possibilities of a business enterprise conducted on sound principles of energy, industry and integrity can be found than the store of Myers Brothers on Kansas avenue. This is one of the leading clothing and shoe houses of Marceline and compares favorably in point of equipment and stock carried with similar establishments in the larger cities. This business was established in 1896 and has rapidly gained public approval and patronerage. The proprietors, Mr. Sam Myers and Mr. Carl Myers, were born and reared in France. They have followed this line of business during all their career. Mr. Sam Myers is a member of the Masons, and Elks. Mr. Carl Myers is a member of the K. of P.


Contemplative purchasers of real estate are doubtless aware of the constant rise in value of desirable property in Marceline and vicinity, but to become thoroughly informed as to the exact conditions of the real estate market they must consult a firm who make it a business to study the situation from all viewpoints and who are on the market continually and know the value of their properties. Such a firm is to be found in that of J. R. Wrenn & Son, with finely equipped offices on Kansas avenue in the .old State Bank building. This firm was established in 1897 and has since stood for reliability, integrity of purpose and sound responsibility. They do a general real estate, loan and insurance business, such as buying, selling, renting, exchanging of improved farming or city property, writing fire insurance, negotiating loans, etc. The business has increased steadily with each succeeding year until at present this firm are recognized in all parts of the surrounding territory. Mr. J. R. Wrenn, the senior member of the firm was born in Virginia in 1843. He was reared in that state and came to Missourt in 1867, and was one of the first residents of the city, having been here when the town was originally established. Mr. R. M. Wrenn was born in Randolph county in 1887 and educated here. He has been engaged in this business with his father for the past six years. Both gentlemen have always taken an active interest in the welfare of the city and are known to be public spirited.


This successful establishment is located on _Kansas avenue and was opened to the public on October 5, 1o1r2. The business consists of handling an extensive line of high grade confectionery, ice cream, imported and domestic cigars, soda water and soft drinks. The interior is comfortably furnished and handsomely decorated and has become a popular meeting place among the best class of people. The ice cream and fruit syrup drinks, together with the fine line of candies carried and courteous treatment the trade receives have been valuable assets in gaining the name of high standing and large trade enjoyed. Mr. S. B. Prunty, the proprietor, was born in this state in 1885. He is a member of the W. O W. and National Americans.


It needs no high sounding advertisement to tell that times are prosperous in Marceline and Linn County. The fact advertises itself, and enjoying his full share of this good fortune, Mr. H. D. Porter greets his friends and patrons and those whom he wishes to make his friends with congratulations due the season. Mr. Porter enjoys a wide and favorable reputation in all parts oi North Missourl as a contractor and builder. whose modern methods, advanced ideas and honorable treatment have been the chief features of attaining this success. He began business in this community in 1887 and has since built all kinds of residences, school houses, business blocks. churches, county buildings, etc., in all parts of the territory surrounding. During the busy season he employs as many as twenty-five skilled mechanics and a large number of laborers. Estimates for work of this kind will be furnished showing the cost of work and material and satisfaction will be guaranteed to the most minute detail. Mr. H. D. Porter, the live and enterprising proprietor of this business, was born in Chariton County, Missouri, in I860. He is a member of the I. O. O. F.


One of the establishments in this city with a merited reputation in the sheet metal business is that conducted by Mr. S. J. Garrett on West Ritchie street. This place was established in 1906 and has been headquarters among the discriminating and particular people in this city for all sheet’ metal, tin, cornices, spoutings, roofing and the installation of furnaces since that time. Only the best material is used and high class work at moderate prices are guaranteed. Estimates for work of this character will be furnished upon application with the assurance that the integrity and honesty of Mr. Garrett will be all the guarantee necessary. Mr. Garrett was born in Illinois in 1844. He has followed this line of business for forty years and is thoroughly conversant with all details pertaining to it. Messrs. J. O. Stevens and S. J. Garrett are co-workers in the manufacture of Stevens Acetylene Generator and Garrett-Stevens Acetylene Generator Lighting System. These systems are up-to-date, durable and are used in residences and store buildings.


Although J. W. Nickell, with offices, display room, and workshop in the Nickell building on Kansas avenue, has only been established two years, his practical work, moderate prices and courteous treatment have quickly won him the foremost place where electrical work is concerned. He is recognized as among the most expert electricians in this section of the country. A handsome line of electrical, gas, and combination fixtures, supplies and appliances of all kinds are carried, but a specialty is made of construction work. He wires houses and installs lighting plants. fixtures and apparatus of all kinds. Mr. J. W. Nickell was born in this city in 1893. He is a graduate of University High School, class of t9r2. Since leaving school he has followed this line of work and has proven an adept, having won a favorable reputation.


Few business firms in this city are better known or enjoy a larger patronage in their respective lines of dealings than Stevenson Brothers, who operate the mammoth livery, feed and sale barn on West Howell street. Since their inception two years ago, Messrs. Stevenson have been laying broad and deep the foundation and erecting the superstructure of a successful business, by affording quick service, courteous treatment, moderate prices and honorable dealings to ali. The barn ts 48×60 feet and affords ample room for any reasonable number of horses, vehicles, etc. They conduct a general livery business, renting single or double rigs, carriages and wagonetts for picnics or parties. They also do a general boardin~ business and buy and sell horsés and mules. Mr. Fred Stevenson was born in Chariton County in 1887. Mr. Narve Stevensor was also born in Chariton County in 1889.


Among the most pleasing resorts and recreation parlors of this city and one which is conducted along conservative lines, catering exclusively to the refined and cultured classes, is the magnificent and elegantly furnished billiard and tonsorial parlor operated by Mr. P. J. Duke on Kansas avenue. The proprietor is of Kansas nativity, having been born there in 1882. He was reared in Marceline, Mo., and is a graduate of the public schools. He had been engaged in tonsorial work for seventeen years previous to establishing this amusement parlor in 1907. The success he has attained speaks volumes for his ability, enterprise and resources. This place. 28×130 feet. is equipped with cight pool and billiard tables, four barber chairs, shining stands, soda fountain and wall cases, well stocked with imported and domestic cigars, tobacco and smokers’ supplies. The interior is handsomely decorated and kept in a scrupulously clean and sanitary condition. The tables, cues, balls and other equipment in the billiard parlor are of the latest designs, from the best manufacturers and are kept in perfect condition. The barber shop department is well appointed with facilities and appliances to meet the requirements of the particular people, and is in charge of four expert tonsorial artists. At the soda fountain, carbonated water, soda pop, syrup drinks, ice cream, etc., are dispensed. Twelve courteous assistants are on hand, and the popularity of this place and large trade enjoyed leaves the impression to the casual visitor that he is in an amusement resort in some large city. The amusement loving public have long made this place their headquarters and this is an institution conducted on conservative lines of which the citizens are justly proud. Mr. Duke is a genial business man of pleasing personality and is a highly esteemed Mason and Eagle.


One of the latest additions to the amusement places of this city is the Gem Theater, located on Kansas avenue. This play house was opened to the public on November 1, I912, and has been conducted along lines that assure success to this house. The best, first run photo play moving pictures are shown and as the picture machine, lighting facilities and ventilating system are of the latest pattern, it is not strange that this house won favorable comment from the very start. The house has a seating capacity of 300. Five employees are required to take care of the large throng of satisfied theater goers who have made this place their headquarters since it became established. Mr. H. J. Buckley, the proprietor, was born in Missouri in 1869. He has been in the railroad train service for nine years and operated a cafe for twenty years previous to locating in this city. He is a member of the Masons and is highly esteemed in this community.


The studio of Mr. J. A. Nickell on Kansas avenue in the Nickell building suggests the true artistic spirit in its elegant fittings, with spacious reception rooms, tapestry and hung with beautiful examples of the photographic art, presents a picture of elegance, inviting repose. Supplementing this is an operating room, complete in every detail of modern equipment. This place is a delight not alone to the artist’s eye, but to those entering it for the purpose of perpetuating a likeness of themselves in any style of the art. Photography in all its branches is practiced and photographs are made in sepia, water color on platinum or carbon in any style or pose. This business was established January 8, 1888, and has long been recognized as the best place for photographs or enlargements. Mr. J. A. Nickell was born in Linn county in 1862. He learned the photographic business at Trenton, Mo., and has followed this line all of his business life. He is a membe, of the Masons.


A notable example of what can be accomplished in the face of the greatest possible opposition by a thorough knowledge of a business and honorable business methods is exemplified in the well merited success of this establishment located on Kansas avenue. There is no other establishment in Marceline of this character that handles so large a stock or occupies a more prominent position among the residents of this city and vicinity. A large line of watches, clocks, optical goods, Luken’s hand painted china, cut glass, diamonds, precious stones and jewelry novelties are attractively arranged in modern wall and showcases in the 2,400 square feet of floor space utilized. A specialty is made of the Elgin, Hamilton and Waltham watches. These are recognized railroad timepieces and as Mr. Potts is traveling watch inspector for the Santa Fe, the best grades of watches are shown in his establishment. Three courteous assistants are given employment and watch making and repair work of all kinds is executed. This business was established in 1887, and has long been recognized as the most advantageous place to buy jewelry goods as the richness of the stock and general excellence of goods shown are unexcelled in this section. Mr. J. L. Potts was born in Fayette, Mo., in 1838. and was educated in New Market, Va. ‘He has followed the jewelry business during his entire business career and is the oldest watch and clock inspector on the Santa Ife system. He is a member of Masonic fraternity. Mr. Lute Potts was born in Fayette, Mo., in 1869, and for the past four years has been associated with his father in the conducting of this business. Previous to this time he was engaged in a similar business with his uncle in Seattle, Wash., for seventeen years. Like his father, he has followed this business during all his business life.


One of the important institutions of this city and one which is probably more important to the residents of this city and those seeking new homes in regards to the cost of living is the Landreth’s Coal Company of this city. This firm mines a superior grade of bituminous coal and sell it in wholesale and retail quantity to the residents of this city and vicinity. The fact that there is no freight to be added to the price of the coal permits of lower prices being quoted on a high grade No. 1 soft coal than any other town in this section is able to receive. This mine has been operated for the past 20 years and has a capacity of turning out 100 tons per day and gives employment to twenty-five or thirty skilled miners the year around. The honorable business methods pursued by this firm and the high grade coal turned out at low prices have been important factors in building up the name and reputation which they have gained and should be important factors in the development of Marceline. ‘The members of this firm are R. F. Landreth, Joseph Landreth and S. A. Landreth. Mr. Joseph and S. A. Landreth directly supervise the workings of this company, the former looking after the work in the mines and below ground, while the latter is superintendent and takes care of the business dealings.


Dr. J. D. Thompson was born in Macon County, Missouri, in 1848. He was educated in that county and at Keokuk, Iowa. He was physician for the Santa Fe at Elmer, Mo., for one year and in 1888 he located in Marceline. He has been conducting a general practice of medicine and surgery since that time and has gained a name of high standing for careful treatment of patients and is a family physician of a large per cent of the leading citizens of this city and vicinity.


The success o: this business is largely attributed to the fact that Mr. Swartz handles a line of goods which for «curability and appearances are equaucd to the best new furniture on the market, the only difference bein. in the price which in most cases is about half whet would be asked for the new article. These used goods are novatel and revarnished and with the genera line of new furniture, stoves, ranges, etc., it is to the interest of anyone wishing to purchase household furnishings to look over the opportunities offered by this firm. Mr. Swartz is a native of Russia, having been born in that country in 1888.


Among the leading grocery houses in this city, there are none which deserve a more prominent place than Wyatt’s on Kansas avenue. A conservatively selected line of imported and domestic groceries, table delicacies, bakery goods, produce, poultry, eggs, smoked and dried meats, etc., are carried. A specialty is made of affording courteous treatment, quick service to all and guaranteeing purity and excellence by good handling. Mr. J. E. Wyatt, the successful proprietor, was born in London, Ky., in 1868.


One of the largely patronized and carefully conducted feed and produce stores of this city is that conducted by T. V. Reid and located on Kansas avenue. This business was established in the fall of 10912, and has gained very rapidly in popularity and patronage owing to the careful treatment to the trade, honest values and moderate prices afforded. A general line of mill feed, seeds and poultry are handled and a specialty is made of the “Chancellor” flour. This flour is well known in this community and has proven very satisfactory to all who use it. Mr. Reid, the proprietor, was born in Chariton County, in 1862, He was reared in that county and was previously engaged in farming and stock raising. He is well known in this community as an honorable business man. This business is on a strictly cash basis and the prices quoted are much lower than could be expected it a credit business was conducted.


Nothing has been left out that goes to make a complete livery by Herbert & Sons, proprietors of The Palace Livery. Though only established five years ago, the business has grown with great bounds with each year until at present they have the finest turnouts in both single and double, light and heavy rigs to rent and operate a transfer line, and furnishes carriages for parties, weddings, funerals or other purposes on short notice. Calls are promptly answered and competent drivers furnished and everyone jis assured that they ‘are receiving the best turnouts and finest horses that money has been able to purchase. Mr. Herbert has also gained a reputation for honesty and reliability in all his dealings and it is owing to these features that he is so widely and favorably known in this section. The barn occupied is thoroughly equipped with a repository, box and stalls, wash room and sufficient space for the storage of vehicles, etc. Horses are boarded and rigs taken care of and a general sales business conducted. Mr. Wm. Herbert, the senior member of this firm was born in Missouri in 1852. He was educated in the rural schools of this state and has followed this line of business for twenty-five years. He is a member of the K. of P. and Yeoman. The junior members of the firm and sons of Wm. Herbert, C. E. and C. W. Herbert, operate a similar business at Hale, Mo., which is also owned by this firm. They have a fine barn in Hale, Mo., and enjoy a correspondingly large trade and unrivaled reputation.


It is rarely that such a spacious and heavily stocked furniture store as that of C. H. Young on Kansas avenue is to be found outside of the larger cities. This finely equipped store is modern in every respect, carrying immense and complete lines of high grade furniture and general house furnishing goods. Fine bedroom suites, sideboards, buffets, china. closets, handsome leather upholstered furniture of every description, parlor suites, draperies, carpets, rugs, linoleums, etc., are carried and a specialty is made of furnishing the most spacious mansion or the modern five room cottage with every article of house furnishing goods necessary, at the lowest possible prices consistent with the highest quality of gous, live thousand and five hundred feet of floor space is utilized in storing and displaying the enormous stock on hand. This business was established only three months ago, but owing to the high grade lines of goods carried, moderate prices quoted and metropolitan business methods a name of high standing and large trade has been enjoyed from the very start. Mr. H. G. Young, the. proprietor and active head of this business, was born in Macon County in 1873; received his education in that county and was previously engaged in farming; was township committeeman of La Platta Township for twelve years; road commissioner six years; clerk of school district six years; deputy county assessor and served two terms on the city council at La Platta. He is a member of the I. O. O. F., K. of P., and is highly esteemed in social and financial circles.


There are numerous lunch rooms and eating houses in this city, but none deserving more credit for conducting a high class place than Mr. James Botts, proprietor of the Hole in the Wall on Kansas avenue. This cafe is attractively arranged, handsomely furnished and has a seating capacity for fifty. The restaurant was only established two months ago, under the present management, and has rapidly gained a large and select following owing to the metropolitan manner in which it has been conducted, high grade cooking served, quick service and popular prices afforded. The business is such that they are justified in keeping open to the pubhe night and day and six well trained and courteous employees are required. Mr. Botts, the live and enterprising proprietor, was born in Krox County, Missouri, in 1860, and there educated. He has followed the dairy, coal mining and farming business during his career. Je has .a thorough business training. gained from practical experience and_ the large trade enjoyed at this place demonstrates what ingenuity and ability can accomplish. He is a member of the K. of P.


Standing high in his profession and having well appointed offices in the Randolph block, Mr. Alexander became established in the practice of law in this city in November of I9gIo. Since locating here he has won favorable comment by honorable use of his legal knowledge. He has won many friends and enjoys a large clientage among the business houses and residents from, this section, The esteem in which he is held may be partially understood when it is stated that he was elected city attorney in May of 1912 by a large majority. He was born in Morgantown, West Virginia, in 1880; received his A. B., LL.B. at the West Virginia University. He practiced law in West Vircinia for four years previous to locating here.


Born in Belmont County, Ohio, and a graduate of the American Medical College at St. Louis, receiving his degree as M.D. in 1883, the above named is one of our leading physicians. He began practice in Knox County, Missouri, where he remained five years and located in Marceline in 1888. Since that time he has been busily engaged in catering to the wants and desires of this community in a conscientious and painstaking manner which has won friends among all classes. His office is located in the Walker Pharmacy. He is a member of the W. O. W.


Metropolitan, up-to-date methods, a well selected stock and moderate prices are the distinctive features of the high class grocery house conducted by Westfall & Son on Kansas avenue. This business though only established in November, 1912, immediately took its place in the front ranks among the leading provision establishments. A fine line of staple and fancy groceries, condiments, canned goods, coffee, tea and spices, smoked and dried meats, poultry, eggs, flour, etc., from the best manufacturers are handled in large quantities. A specialty is made of “Red Bird” Coffee at 30c and “Jack Frost” flour. Mr. G. N. Westfall was born in Hancock County, Illinois, in 1867, and there educated. Mr. C. B. Westfall was born in IlIlinois in 1894 and was educated in Chariton County. Missouri, where his father previously operated a large farm.


The Davis Meat Market on Kansas avenue, established in 1903, is one more among the institutions tending to show the trend upward of trade and commerce in Marceline and is making rapid stride in the direction of material success. The building occupied is very complete in arrangement and is artistically decorated, and in fact this is one of the most metropolitanly appearing stores of the city. The meats sold are carefully selected for their purity and excellence and are mostly butchered and dressed under the direct supervision of Mr. Davis, the proprietor. All of the sausage, lard and by-products handled are manufactured by him. In addition to handling fresh beef, veal, pork, poultry, eggs, by-products, smoked meats, dried meats, etc., he carried a complete line of Heinz’s products and condiments. Mr. Will Davis, the proprietor, was born in Sullivan County, Missouri, in 1879. Since leaving school he has been operating this high class market and he has demonstrated what original ideas and metropolitan business methods can accomplish in the 2oth century. He is a member of the I. O. O. F.

MARCELINE FEED AND GRIST MILL. The success and progress which follows enterprise and merit is ably presented in the business career of the Marceline Feed and Grist Mull, established in March, I912, as successors to J. C. Pierce, who began this business in 1909. Flour and grain are handled at wholesale in large quantities and they are able to quote the trade the lowest market prices on high grade goods, as they depend upon the volume of business for their profits rather than individual sales. The mill and store room is located on East Howell street and is well appointed to meet the requirements of a large business. All kinds of hay, straw, grain, produce, mill stuff, etc., are handled, all kind of grinding being executed and a specialty made of jobbing flour, “Jack Frost” and “Kidder’s Best” being their leading brands. Mr. Arthur Wolfe and J. A. Kinney are the proprietors of this business. Mr. Wolfe personally supervises the business and looks after the buying of grain and handling the trade. He was previously engaged in the furniture business for four years and the restaurant business for four years. He is a member of the I. O. O. F.


That this city is up to the demand of advanced ideas is shown by the character, extent and success of the many lines of business that are represented here. A house that has achieved success in their particular lines of endeavor is the clothing and dry goods house of Mr. C. U. Murray, located in the Allen block on Kansas avenue. This business was established in 1898 and has rapidly taken its place among the leading mercantile establishments of this city. One of the largest and choicest stocks of clothing, shoes, carpets. rugs, dry goods, queensware and ladies’ and gents’ furnishing goods are always on hand. Mr. C. U. Murray was born in Mississippi in 1870, and was there educated. He is a valued member of the Masons and is highly esteemed in the community.


With a firmly established reputation gained through honorable business methods, quotation of moderate prices and by always having the best millinery and trimmings the market affords, the store of Miss Roots on Kansas Avenue is rapidly striving for a leading position among the millinery business in Marceline. The most attractive New York and Paris creations in ladies’ millinery and trimmings purchased at the beginning of each season are always to be found at this place. Hats are made to order and for style and adaptability, the hats from this establishment hold a distinction which is noticeable to a degree perhaps not to be met with in hats from any other establishment. This is due to the fact that Miss Roots is a milliner of taste and an artistic trimmer of wide experience and as she superintends all work, the patrons are assured of receiving hats that conform with their type of beauty and style. Four well trained and courteous assistants are given constant employment, Miss Roots was born in Kansas and received her education and rearing in Marceline.


Carrying an exclusively high grade line of ready to wear furnishing goods for ladies, Miss Robinson stands in a class by herself as compared with similar establishments. Everything in cloaks, suits, shirt waists, hosiery, novelties and ladies’ furnishing goods can be found at this place, attractively displayed and satisfying to the most fastidious. AIthough only established in April of 1912, Miss Robinson has proven her worth and efficiency to the community and her rare ability as a business woman by having built up a trade among the most particular and discriminating people from this section. Miss Robinson is of Missouri nativity having been born in Carroll County.


Mr. C. M. Hill is proprietor of the popular billiard parlor on Kansas avenue. This place was established in the spring of I912, and has become very popular among all classes owing to the well kept conditions of the billiard tables and equipment and the high grade lines of imported and domestic cigars and tobacco carried. Six pool and billiard tables are kept busy a large part of the time by the refined class of people who -make this place their headquarters when amusements of this kind are desired. The interior is handsomely decorated and equipped with comfortable lounging chairs and this place has become a constant source of recreatior for all. Mr. C. M. Hill was born and reared in Chicago. He has been following railroad work most of his life, but has conducted similar enterprises at Chillicothe and St. Joseph, Mo. He is a member of the K. O. T. M. and Eagles and K. of P.


One of the most successful and largely patronized concerns of its kind in the city is the well-known pharmacy of Fred W. Brown, at the corner of Gracia and Kansas avenue. Though only established under this name for three months, the present proprietor is highly esteemed and favorably known here and was a member of the preceding firm, Ellis & Brown. An unexcefled line of drugs, chemicals, sick room supplies, surgical instruments, hospital accessories, toilet articles, rubber goods, etc., are carried. A specialty is made of compounding physician’s prescriptions. Mr. Fred Brown was born in Chicago in 1883. He is a member of the I. O. O. F., W. O. W. and Eagles.


It is an almost invariable rule that in all great centers of business there are certain houses in each line of trade which stands out pre-eminent and have built up by close attention to business a liberal and substantial patronage. Such an enterprise in this section is the real estate and loan business of E. M. Randolph in the Randolph building on Kansas avenue. Mr. Randolph conducts one of the best known, ably managed and high classed real estate and loan offices in this city. Tle was born in Marion County in 1838, and received his education in Knox and Marion Counties. He began his business career as a clerk in a general store at Newark, and later went into business for himself at Newark and Edina. He served as circuit clerk of Knox County for six years and was associated with Senator E. L. Cottey in the real estate business for several years, coming here in 1887, and bought the land on which now stands the city of Marceline.


Mr. A. H. Wilson is the successor to Edgar Reece and has been conducting this establishment for the past two months only. This business is located on Kansas avenue and consists of selling confectionary of all kinds, imported and domestic cigars, tobacco, smokers’ articles and dispensing ice cream, soda water and other non-alcoholic drinks. He also operates a barber shop in connection and it has been said by many residents that he keeps the best barber help to be found in Marceline. Mr. Wilson, the successful and enterprising proprietor, was born in Chariton County in 1885, and there educated. He 1s a member of the I. O. O. F. and is highly esteemed.


Carrying ajarge and conservatively selected stock of staple and fancy groceries, vegetables, fruits, canned goods, condiments, flour, smoked and dried meats, etc., and all the numerous things that go to make up complete and up-to-date grocery stock, T. J. Davis, whose well appointed store is located on Kansas avenue, became established January I, I913. The interior arrangement of this store is modern to the most minute detail, the fixtures are of the latest pattern, the walls and ceilings are newly frescoed and artistically decorated. The business methods pursued are along metropolitan lines and with the two courteous clerks and one delivery wagon, quick service and courteous treatment are assured all These minor details, such as cleanliness and sanitarily taking care of food stuff and provisions which are so noticeable to the »rudent provision buyer and are so often overlooked by the older establishments, have been important factors in causing favorable comments. This store compares with pure food establishments in any of the cities and stands decidedly in a class by itself as compared with similar stores in this city. Mr. T. J. Davis, the proprietor of this provision house, was born and reared in Wales, England. He has been a resident of this city for seyen years, having been a mine operator during thai time He is a member of the I. O. O. F., Masons, W. O. W. and K. of P.


The position which the handler of meats occupies in any town or city is one of paramount importance, and it is a pleasure to be able to mention the name of a gentleman who has done as much towards giving our people good accommodation in this line as has L. Schorgl, whose establishment is located on Kansas avenue. The stock always represents the greatest possible variety and _ the highest quality of meats such as veal, beef, pork, lamb, lard, bacon, poultry, fish, oysters, etc. This business was established in 1887, and an unexcelled trade has been built up owing to the fact that practically all the meats handled are killed by Mr. Schorg] and all sausage and by-products dispensed are especially prepared under his direct supervision. The interior of the shop is well appointed and equipped with the most modern store fixtures and refrigerating system and all devices for the sanitary handling of meats are in use. This is the best meat market in Marceline and enjoys the largest patronage of the particular and discriminating people from this city and vicinity. Mr. L. Schorgl was born in Germany in 1858. His parents moved to this country in 1866 and he received his education in Linn County, Missouri. He spent thirty years on a Missouri farm previous to entering this business. He is a member of the K. of C.


Located on California avenue, opposite the Santa Fe depot will be found one of the largest patronized and one of the best places at which to stop in Marceline. This hotel is conducted on the Aemrican plan and has the distinction of being the first hotel building erected in this city. Four employes are required. Mr. J. I’. Bon, the proprietor, was born in Bubuque, Iowa, in 1858.


Mr. T. F. Hott conducts one of the busiest and most popular restaurants and eating houses in this city. This place is located on Kansas avenue and has been established since 1911. A large circle of patrons make this place their headquarters, as is demonstrated when we state that over I00 people are fed regularly each day at this place. Mr. Hott is a restaurant man in every sense of the word and has successfully operated the Randolph and Allen Hotels. This experience has made it possible for him to serve the people with the best home cooked food in regular meals or short orders so that he has won a large circle of patrons. Four employees are required and a meritorious reputation has been built up. Mr. T. F. Hott was born in Ohio in 1854. He became located in Marceline in 1889 and has been engaged in the hotel and restaurant business since. He is a member of the W. O. W.


The mercantile establishment conducted by Simpson & Miller on Kansas avenue was established in 1893. A large line of dry goods, in the latest style and patterns, shoes, of medium and high grade for all members of the family and ladies ready to wear furnishings, suits, cloaks, skirts, etc., are carried. These goods are purchased at the beginning of each season from leading manufacturers, this firm taking advantage of discounts and offering the latest styles to their patrons at prices lower than the average competitor can afford to quote on lower grade merchandise. The best styles and most exclusive lines are always found at this place, and their trade and reputation have increased steadily with each succeeding year. Individual attention and every courtesy is extended to all, prices are reasonable, al! merchandise is guaranteed and everyone assured of receiving exactly what is desired when trading at Simpson & Miller’s. Mr. B. F. Simpson and Mr. J. B. Miller, the proprietors, are always willing to lend a hand to any ‘movement which would be for the betterment of the business or moral condition of the town.


The above named firm have long been recognized as the largest of this city’s mercantile houses and ts headquarters among the prudent buyers of general merchandise from this section. This business was established many years ago, but has been under the present management since 1907, and occupies a mammoth building on Kansas avenue, where complete lines of clothing, dry goods, shoes, groceries, etc., are carried. These goods are carefully selected and owing to the moderate prices quoted have been the most valuable asset in building un this large trade. The business conducted requires thirteen assistants and a floor space of 5,000 square feet, and a large warehouse where the reserve stock is stored.

WALKER’S PHARMACY. In no other line of retail trade is the competition so strong as in the drug business and a thorough knowledge of both the buying and the selling end of the business is the most valuable asset a merchant in this line can possess. Mr. J. S. Walker, proprietor of the Walker Pharmacy on Kansas avenue, attributes his success to the fact that he has followed this line of business for a long term of years and is thoroughly conversant with all details pertaining to it. A general line of drugs, patent medicines, toilet articles, etc., are carried. Mr. J. S. Walker was born in Chariton County, Missouri, in 1873. He was educated in that county and has been engaged in the shoe and photo business in this city for twelve years.

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