American Red Cross

The Marceline Community has received assistance and supported the Red Cross by finances and volunteer services in all phases of their program.

A Red Cross Canteen under the supervision of Mrs. Sig Steiner in World War I.

In May 1942, a Red Cross work room for the making of surgical dressings was opened in the basement room of the Carnegie Library. The dressĀ¬ings were shippedtothe war front all over the world where American boys were fighting for the continuĀ¬ance of the American Way of Life.

Mrs. W. L. Klein, Mrs. Albert Petska and Miss Olive Barrett were in charge of this service.
The citizens of Marceline community made five trips to Kansas City, one trip to Cameron and Chillicothe and sponsored the St. Louis Blood Mobile Unit, to contribute one pint of blood each time for the Red Cross Blood Bank.

Red Cross officials in Kansas City commended the Marceline group for its fine patriotic spirit and said no other community over the middle west made a better record in contributing blood to save the lives of our boys. These trips were made in private cars of our people who sometimes used their own “precious” gas stamps to make the trip.
Mrs. Albert Petska has been in “Home Service” work of the American Red Cross since 1936 working with the late Wade Patrick of Brookfield, a World War I disabled veteran, and assuming full responsibility in 1951.

“Home Service” is the connecting link between the servicemen and their families as authorized by the Adjutant General for all branches of military service.

During the WWII and Korean War the calls for services were about 150 each month for various types of services given; such as, emergency leaves, verification of illness or death, financial assistance, etc.

The Linn County Chapter American Red Cross has supplied the instructions for the swimming lessons each year in Marceline, has had two classes in First Aid and one class in Home Nursing. They have assisted in several family disasters, such as fire and flood destroying homes.

Two ladies from Linn County have taken the “Grey Lady” course and served at the Veterans Hospital at Kansas City, Missouri. They are Mrs. Rex Wickizer of Brookfield, Missouri and Mrs. Albert Petska of Marceline.

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