Call for Articles

There’s a lot of Marceline history out there, but it’s not all written down… that’s why we need your help. We’re looking for people to write articles about the following topics, take new photos and find old photos, interview people who know a lot about these topics, and put together a useful composition that will help others learn more, or kickstart deeper learning.

If you’re interested in any of these subjects, stop by the Marceline Carnegie Library, or email us, and we’ll mark that topic as “in progress” by you, so that someone else doesn’t start working on it also.

Details to research: When was it built, opened, created, or closed? Who started it? Were there more than one? A list of references to other articles and websites. Details and particulars are what makes a good research article.

  • Marceline Veterans Memorial
  • History of Marceline Gas Stations
  • The Allen Hotel
  • Grocery stores
  • The Gazebo
  • The concession stand in Ripley Square
  • List of every City Manager and Mayor
  • History of Toonfest
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