K. G. H. M. Radio Station

Although a relative newcomer to the Green Hills Area, Radio Station K G H M has been a part of the Marceline Community almost from the time it went on the air on February 14, 1956.

In the latter part of 1960, it was decided to expand the news coverage over K G H M and Rev. Charles Weston, Pastor of Marceline Christian Church, reported the civic happenings and Mrs. McCullough continued with the social and church news. When Rev. Weston left for another par­ish, James Farris became the reporter.

On April 1, 1961, an expansion of facilities for Marceline was undertaken and a studio was opened with Paul Coram, who had been with K G H M since 1957 in various capacities such as disc jockey, news announcer, play-by-play sports announcer, and advertising salesman, becoming the K G H M representative. Mr. Coram re­ports the news three times daily, sells advertising, and runs a record show.

Mr. Coram has been active In community affairs and is presently a board member of the Marceline Chamber of Commerce and a member of Marceline Coordinated Welfare Council. He is also active in Marceline J.C.’s.

The latest addition to the K G H M equipment is a remote transmitter that is used to give a direct link be­tween Marceline studios and the Brookfield Studios. This necessitated the move of the downtown studio to the pres­ent location, 222 West Howell (residence of Paul Coram). Additional space was needed to assure a good radio link between the two studios and this new location gives better assurance of no interference. The first broadcast on the new remote transmitter was made on March 8,1963, when the news was broadcast. The first full day of broadcasting was on March 12. The unit is portable and the first usage in this manner was to broadcast the trophy presentation of both men and women’s county tournament from the Marceline Bowl.

In the future, K G H M plans to include an additional Dateline Marceline to be presented in the mid-morning and to make use of the remote transmitter for special events from their location. The expanded promotion of Marceline through K G H M is for the continuation of policies of presenting all the news of Marceline as well as providing information and entertainment for Marceline and the entire Green Hills area.

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