119 N. Main Street USA

  • Currently ?? and Bruce Buck Insurance
119 N. Main Street USA

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On the LEFT / South side:

  • The Oasis Ice Cream Shop
    • Renee Lynne Polivka – “I loved the Oasis ice cream shop, too. Paul Leopold’s mom and dad started the ice cream shop. Paul’s mom ran it. She only served Schwan’s Ice Cream and she started my love of Schwan’s Rocky Road and their Butter Brickle ice creams. I would save my nickels and dimes until I had enough to get a double dip cone (sugar cone) and I’d get those two flavors EVERY time, walking home from school. I’d sit in the shop and eat it in the air conditioning while Mrs. Leopold and I made small talk. Gosh, we were so lucky to grow up in Marceline. ♥️ All the people who had a hand in my raisin’, with every interaction. It truly does take a village and I’m grateful for that village and the villagers.”
    • Louis O’Connor wad on the north side of the building with a real estate business.
    • Albert Yocom – “Maxwell’s of Marceline was there on the south side of the building from the early 1960’s till 1979. I purchased the business from Glenn T. and was there till 1982, when I moved to 102 south Kansas.”
    • Glenn Maxwell had his jewelry store on the south side of the building when I was younger!”
    • Janice Marlene Wilburn – “We bought our wedding rings from Glen. Found out later in life that he was a cousin to an Aunt (by marriage) of mine that lived in Iowa.”
    • McCandless (?) Barber Shop in the 1960s and 1970s.

On the RIGHT / North side:

  • Louis O’Connor was on the north side of the building with a real estate business.

Unsure which side:

  • In the 1950s it was Dr. Smith’s office
  • American Family Insurance office
  • In the 1950s Thomas Cleaners, owned by Tom Miller.
  • Silver Fox?
  • Astro Lounge
  • Fuzzies Place
  • Hazel Knutson – “In the 30s and 40s it was BJ Thomas cleaners. Later it was an empty hall for dancing on Saturdays square and round after that it was Dr. Smith’s offices.”

A late-1980s drawing by Gloria Gooch:

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