122 N. Main Street USA

  • 200?-current – “Ma Vic’s”, owned by Vicki Lodder.
  • ?-? – “Susie’s”, owned by Susie Wright.
  • ?1986?-? – “Pam’s”, owned by Pam Bandy. She bought the restaurant from Bob’s daughters.
  • ~1975-? – Hungry Tiger Restaurant, owned by Bruce Swanson. Specialized in pizzas. After Bob passed away, his daughters ran the restaurant.
    • People who worked there:
      • Julie Barrett Niemeier
      • Angie Dorrell Warner worked here during high school.
  • ?-? – Possibly a donut shop? OR, was the donut shop at Bruce Buck’s office is now? (119 N. Main Street USA) “Paradise Donuts”. Bob Kemp owned Paradise Donuts. Pam Bandy work here.
  • ?-? – Bob Kemp also had “Bobby’s Cafe”.
  • 1950s-~1975 – “Missouri Public Service” (MOPub) office (predecessor to Liberty Gas). MOPub moved down the street to the old Western Auto store. (Stanley’s Market) The space wasn’t vacant very long before Hungry Tiger Restaurant moved in. Viva Potts worked here.
  • ~1940s – Jack staples parents ran a grocery store there.
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