200 S. Main Street USA

This building was built by W. J. Minnich in 1911. It was originally housed a 2-story livery and carriage sales business. It had a rope powered elevator to store wagons or carriages on the upper floor. The windows on Kansas and Gracia faces were eventually filled in with brick.

At some point the 2nd floor was destroyed and a flat roof was built over the first floor. The Minnich family continued in business, converting to new car sales and then to the Marceline Oil Company into the 1960’s.

The building hosted one of the first stores to sell television in the 1950’s. Over the years, it has hosted various small businesses.

In 2019 the building was purchased by Mary Ann Schmitt, and the old roof was covered with a truss roof, and the old brick walls were replaced with new wood and brick.

Other photo references:

  • 1961 image, page 100 of the ‘1888-1963 Diamond Jubilee Celebration book’, shown as the “Dodge Sales and Marceline Oil Co.”
  • 1963 image, page 54 of the ‘1888-1963 Diamond Jubilee Celebration book’, shown as “Couch Motor Co.”

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