Marceline Coordinated Welfare Council

It was through the letter from the Social Planning Committee of the Marceline Community Chest, sent to all Federated Clubs and organizations in April 1950, that the group now known as Marceline Co-ordinated Welfare Council was started.

On May 1, 1950 under the sponsorship of the Theodore Roosevelt Post #264 and Auxiliary twenty-five persons representing twenty-one organizations met in the Legion Hall for the purpose of forming a welfare group. The name of Marceline Coordinated Welfare Council was adopted at this meeting.

A constitution was adopted and a board of directors composed of fifteen members was elected. This board was composed of representatives of the Federated Clubs and local organizations and they formed two committees – Case Work, and Social Planning. The object of this organization shall be to develop team work among local agencies, clubs, and organizations serving Marceline and the effective planning and execution of the social service program of the community.

The Marceline Coordinated Welfare Council is inter-denominational and inter-racial. Approximately forty per cent of the money contributed to the Marceline Community Chest is allotted to the Council and spent in this community.

The council’s social planning committee laid the ground work for the formation of the Youth Council and works with them in their projects.
The Marceline Co-ordinated Welfare Council and the Youth Council are charter members of the Missouri Association for the Social Welfare Advisory Council of Organizations on Children and Youth formed May 26, 1951 in Jefferson City, Missouri.

The Marceline Youth Council has participated in several outstanding programs. Several youths have appeared on panels of the state programs, have been instrumental in the community entering the “Build Freedom With Youth” National Contest, helped with all youth recreation programs, conducts the U.N.I.C.E.F. annually, participates in Cancer Educational program and has worked with the recreation committee for the summer programs.

The Welfare Council is reimbursed from the Linn County Court for fifty per cent of the amount spent for Welfare cases known and recognized by the Linn County Welfare Office. The remainder of funds are provided through the Community Chest of Marceline.
The types of aid given through the case work committee include drugs (medicines), transportation for medical aid when requested by the doctor, oxygen, eye glasses, groceries, clothing, school lunches, and dental assistance for children.

Mrs. Arbelle Beebe is the current president and the advisory board members are Gwen Klein, J. W. Tykeson, Rev. J. Vernon Wheeler, Earl Rioth, Pearl Pavlovich, Beulah Petska, Gwen McCullough, Sabiel McGown, Dula Moodie, Cornie Herndon, the local ministers, and the superintendent of Marceline Public Schools.

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