Marceline, Missouri History

Small Town America - Perfectly Imagined - Marceline, MO | Marceline Historical Society

The Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad came to Marceline in the late-1880s and built what would become the the town we know today. Santa Fe decided they needed a road from Kansas City to Chicago, and Marceline became this Missouri division point because of it’s rich deposits of coal. Marceline was incorporated on March 6, 1888. The population quickly grew, and Marceline became a railroad town.

Marceline, Missouri’s favorite son is none other than Walt Disney. The Disney family lived in Marceline in the early 1900s, which made a big impression on young Walt. We all know that in his later years he brought the world Mickey Mouse and other beloved characters, animated movies, and the Theme Parks we know and love. Marceline’s rich history, before and after Walt’s time in town, is small town America, perfectly imagined.

This website is the story of Marceline’s history.

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