In 1949 R. Wallace Pischel of 728 East Gracia Street, Marceline, Missouri started a specialized printing business in his home. The business operated under his name and for the most part printed cookbooks. A year later he built a plant at 726 East Gracia Street and broadened his printing business to include high school yearbooks.

The business flourished and in 1956 Mr. Pischel built a branch plant in Pasco, Washington, to accommodate the West Coast customers. In 1957 Mr. Pischel and his family moved to Pasco, Washington, leaving the Marceline printing plant to the management of Davie L. White and Robert C. Powell. In 1958 Mr. Pischel sold the Marceline plant to White and Powell who expanded the plant the following year by adding to the building and increasing the plant capacity by another printing press.

Under the new management several publications have been added to the line which are distributed nationally by A. C. McClurg of Chicago, Illinois, and Art Emboss of Los Angeles, California. These publications are for the most part of the party and game and entertainment lines.

The Wallace Pischel Yearbook publishers presently employ some fifteen personnel year around and at peak times employ as many as thirty people.

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