Presbyterian Church

September, 1888 the Cumberland Presbyterian Church was organized. The first pastor was Rev. S. A. McPherson until 1898. The church was located on the corner of Santa Fe and Missouri Avenues.

Sometime in the early 1890’s several families came to Marceline that were members of the Old School Presbyterian and they organized their church. Services were held in an old store building located on the west side of Kansas Avenue. In the late 1890’s the two churches united and became known as the Presbyterian Church. This newly organized group bought the old Cumberland Presbyterian Church building and moved it to the corners of Kansas and California streets. The church was dissolved in 1920.

The members of the church were active In business and civic affairs as well as the religious life of the community. The church was without a pastor during World War I and many members left town at that time. The remaining members decided to disband and give their support to the other churches. Most of the members transferred their letters to the Methodist church.

Pastors who have served: Rev. G. W. Bean, Rev. Alfred Hainds, Rev. J. Fisher, Rev. Ned Barnes, Rev. Caldwell, Rev. Doughtery, Rev. John McCoy.

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