The American Association of University Women

The association was founded in 1882 to open doors of education for women and to widen opportunities for women to use their training. “Practical educational work” is its objective. AAUW members are widening their own horizons, helping to build better communities, and fostering a more intelligent approach to world problems. All women who hold degrees from colleges and universities are approved for AAUW membership and are invited to join the Association. AAUW members number more than 145,000, organized in over 1,400 branches. AAUW is a member of the International Federation of University Women which unites associations in 49 lands.

The Marceline Branch of AAUW was organized in September 1959. They received their charter in February 1960. The meeting time is the fourth Monday of the month. There were 29 charter members who were as follows:

  • Miss Eulah Stanley, president
  • Mrs. George Coulson
  • Mrs. Eugene Crippin
  • Mrs. Jessamine Flower
  • Mrs. H.H. Frisby
  • Mrs. Edwin Gambill
  • Mrs. E.L. Hathaway
  • Miss Clara Holvey
  • Mrs. LeRoy LaBar
  • Mrs. Orland Lake
  • Mrs. Dorothy Lewis
  • Mrs. Gene T. Malone
  • Mrs. Helen McSparren
  • Mrs. G. A. Miller
  • Mrs. Margaret Miller
  • Mrs. Edgar Myers
  • Mrs. Myrl Oldham (deceased)
  • Mrs. James Parkey
  • Mrs. Charles D. Payden
  • Miss Paula Perino
  • Mrs. Harry Porter
  • Miss Shirley Porter
  • Miss Marie Reynolds
  • Mrs. H.W. Rodgers
  • Mrs. Adolph Royer
  • Miss Ruby Simpson
  • Mrs. R. W. Smith
  • Mrs. W.W. Washam
  • Miss Vernal Wells

This organization varies from year to year with old members leaving and new ones joining. The reason for this is that most of the membership is made up of our teachers. The present membership is 22. Mrs. Gene T. Malone is the president.

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