Theodore Roosevelt Post #264, American Legion

Marceline’s American Legion (Theodore Roosevelt Post #264) was organized in 1919 at a meeting held in the law office of Lon R. Owen located on the second floor of the Marceline State Bank building. Dr. Roy M. Cater was elected commander, W. S. Eichenlaub adjutant and Tracy Lancaster, treasurer.

The local American Legion post has held meetings in the following locations: (1) in a building which stood where Wolfe-Briggs Motor Company now stands, (2) in a room at the Allen Hotel, (3) on the second floor of the building now occupied by Walsworth’s, (4) in the basement of Carnegie Library, (5) on the second floor of the Western Auto Store, (6) on the second floor of the building now used for Payden’s storeroom, (7) above Reece’s Confectionery, (8) in a cabin located on the grounds of Marceline High School and (9) at its present hall at 211 North Kansas Avenue.

Membership has been about 60 since before World War II, except for a one year period when over 100 members were active and Alvin Dorman was commander. Charter members of the local American Legion post who have maintained continuous membership are Lewis O. Adair, Tracy M. Lancaster and Charles F. Strickel.

The charter for Theodore Roosevelt Post #264, Marceline, was issued on February 9, 1920 and the following charter members are shown thereon: Mark H. Karnes, Harry Conklin, A. Pilicer, D. C. Bunch, A. C. Carter, R. M. Cater, G. Speather-berry, W. S. Eichenlaub, Charles Strickel, Floyd L. Snider, Lewis Adair, James Sweezer, Lawrence E. Lane, J. P. Saunders, P. L. Paterict, Ray Staubus, Robert Pankey, James W. Coons, Norris L. Barnes, Richard Guthridge, James A. Riley, W. E. Downing, T. M. Lancaster, R. McKinney, Emil M. Swenson, Geo. G. Oldham, I. H. Hoefer, E. W. Osborn, Wm. G. Smith, Joseph B. Scott.

The American Legion in Marceline has sponsored the following: (1) a Drum and Bugle Corps, (2) Boy Scout Troop #99, (3) delegates to the Missouri Boys’ State, (4) junior baseball and softball leagues as well as participating in numerous other local civic projects from time to time.

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