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The first Post Office was established in Marceline in 1888 and was located on East California Street where the Gucker Coal Co. is presently located. The first Postmaster was Mr. Ed West. Thereafter, the Post Office was moved five times until it was settled permanently in the present building in 1936. It has been located at the site of the present Masonic Temple, in the rear of the Zurcher building, the corner of the Allen Hotel building and for a time at the Hier building where the Stanley Market is presently housed.

U.S. Post Office | Marceline.us
Marceline Post Office – Zurcher Building 1926:
Left to right, C. F. Strickel, clerk; L. T. McKinney, P. M., Jewell S.

In 1892 Mr. J. A. Smith was appointed Postmaster and he was followed by Mr. D. N. Wheeler in 1893. Mr. Jackson Whiteman was selected in 1900 and he was succeeded by Mr. G. W. Bigger in 1904. During that same year Mr. J. D. (Cap) Bush was appointed and his term of office ran to 1909. Mr. F. M. Wolfe’s term of office lasted until 1913 when he was replaced by Mr. J. S. (Shupe) Walker. In 1922 Mr. L. T. McKinney was appointed by President Harding. It was about this time that City Carrier Service was established. Village Delivery service had been established sometime in 1917. Pres. Roosevelt appointed Mrs. Anna Watson as Postmaster in 1933 and her term of office ran until 1955 when she was succeeded by Mrs. Josephine Gambill as Acting Postmaster. In November, 1958, Mr. John R. Allison was appointed as Acting Postmaster and in June, 1959, he was appointed as a permanent Postmaster by President Eisenhower.

The receipts of the Post Office coincide with the growth of the town. The records show that in 1893 the receipts were $3,120. In 1910 they doubled as did the town to $6,700. Then in 1918 after the first World War, they again doubled to $11,300. The receipts were more or less stationary until 1943 when they again rose to $17,000.

During the boom years of 1949 the total increased to $26,202. This was about the time that the printing companies were introduced to Marceline on a nationwide basis. The receipts in 1962 were $51,900 which will undoubtedly make Marceline a first class office.

Left to right: Mary Perrin, clerk; Mable Harrison, clerk; J. S. Walker, P. M.
Frank Wolfe


Josephine Gambill | Marceline.us

Earl Rioth, Assistant Postmaster; Elmer Stanley, Clerk; Lyle Armstrong, Clerk; Wilbur Ralston, City Carrier; Eugene Wiggins, Sub. City Carrier; John Helton, Jr., Sub. Clerk; William Klein, Rural Route Carrier; Joe Lewis, Rural Route Carrier; William Twitchel, Rural Route Carrier; Oscar Pischel, Fireman; Eugene Padgett, Custodian; Robert Rieck, Sub. Rural Carrier; Claud West, Sub. Rural Carrier; V.R. Preston, Sub. Rural Carrier; Frank Formento, Mail Messenger; John R. Allison, Postmaster.

FRONT ROW: Left to Right, John Helton, John Allison, Eugene Padgett, William Twitchel, Elmer Stanley, Jr.
SECOND ROW: Oscar Plschel, William Klein, Wilbur Ralston, Robert Rieck.
THIRD ROW: Joe Lewis, ,Earl Rioth, Eugene Wiggins, Lyle Armstrong.


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