W. A. Campbell Family

W. A. Campbell, one of the original settlers of Marceline, came here when the town was started in 1888.

He moved his family, wife and one son, from Green City to Marceline to make his home. Later three more children were born, two girls and a boy.

Of the four children only one W. P. Campbell of Tulsa, Oklahoma is living. Mr. Campbell was working at the blacksmith business in Green City but moved his business here and continued in that capacity for years then adding a garage to his business after the advent of cars.

In 1922 he sold the shop and garage and moved to a farm but only lived there two years after which he moved back to Marceline, and entered a grocery store which he continued to manage until his death in 1936.

Of his direct decedents, there are only five: George Campbell, W. A. Campbell, and Adah Campbell, children of the older son Clarence. Only one granddaughter Ruth, living in Chicago, daughter of W. P. and Maurguerite, daughter of Meda living in Louisiana.

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