We’re Proud To Be Located in Marceline!

From an obscure beginning in a one-room Marceline office in 1937, the Walsworth firm has enjoyed phenomenal growth during each of the years it has been in business and today is recognized as one of the leading publishers of quality yearbooks in the United States.

Walsworth Brothers, a partnership of Don, Bill, and Ed Walsworth, began in February 1937 in an office in Cater’s Hall. Constant expansion of business brought on a series of moves of the Walsworth concern. Before moving to its present location in 1946, Walsworth Brothers was operated from the following locations: (1) Cater’s Hall, (2) the McLaughlin Building, (3) the Hiers Building (upstairs of present Stanley’s Locker). (4) the Gallagher Building (then upstairs of Hahn’s Grocery), and (5) the Park Hardware Building (where the American Legion is now located).

In April of 1946, Walsworth’s purchased a two-story building from the Adolph Horn Estate. After lengthy repairs to both floors of the building, the Walsworth firm made its final move. Three more properties adjacent to the Horn Building were purchased (from the Gallaghers, Kenneth Burgener and Wolfe-Briggs Motor Company) in later years for forming the present Walsworth “one roof” operation.

The original partnership of Walsworth Brothers became two corporations, Walsworth Publishing Co., Inc. (Sales) and Walsworth Press Co., Inc. (Production) in 1955. Until his death in October 1956, the late Don O. Walsworth, Jr. held the presidency of the newly-organized firms. Ed Walsworth then succeeded his older brother as president, William F. Walsworth remained as vice-president and Don O. Walsworth III was elected as treasurer. Rush Johnson, Jr. joined the firm in 1947 and has served as sales manager since 1953.

Walsworth’s pioneered the cooperative advertising plan for selling year-books, a unique idea at that time which permitted thousands of small schools to enjoy a quality yearbook that they would not. likely have had otherwise.

Organizational publications, as well as the cooperative advertising plan for publishing school yearbooks, was discontinued in 1957 In addition to yearbooks, Walsworth’s also does commercial printing for various governmental agencies, industrial firms and other area customers.

At the present time, 300 employees work at the modern, air-conditioned Walsworth plant in Marceline. During the heavy production season (January . through June), day and night shifts are maintained with employees commuting daily from a radius of thirty miles or more.

The latest, specialized equipment and machinery known to the yearbook industry will be found in the Walsworth plant today which permits Walsworth salesmen to bid on a competitive basis, with any yearbook publisher, regardless of location.

The Walsworth sales force currently consists of 40 resident representatives who sell and service accounts in all but a few of the 50 states. A part-time force, of nearly 200 salesmen handling related school products and services also carry the Walsworth yearbook line.

The sale of Walsworth yearbooks internationally began in 1958 with the establishing of a sales office in Toronto, Canada. To this was added an office in Wiesbaden, West Germany, in 1961. The largest yearbook believed published to date was produced by Walsworth’s in 1962, under one cover, for 10 U. S. Air Force Dependent’s schools located in Europe, Africa and Asia.


Home Office, Marceline, Mo. District Offices Through-out the United States, in Canada and Overseas. Member, National Yearbook Manufacturers Association.


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