Church of Christ

The Marceline Church of Christ was organized in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Clark, March 20, 1960, through the leadership of Albert Hamilton, Jr. The Ozark Bible College of Joplin, Missouri, sent one of its students, Gerald Peterson, to help in the organizing and as minister in the ensuing months. Six families attended the first meeting and comprise the charter membership.

For the first year, meetings were held in homes and then in the. American Legion Hall. After Brother Peterson left in September, 1960, Jim Stacy from Central Bible College in Moberly, Missouri, ministered until March 22, 1962, when Glen Mitchell and family also from Moberly came to be with us. The Mitchells have 2 sons and 1 daughter.

In August, 1961, a building and 5 lots were purchased on East Howell and Missouri Avenue. The membership has grown to where plans and a foundation for a new and larger building have been laid.

Although our Marceline church is young with only a short history, the Church of Christ is over 1900 years old and its history written in the blood of many martyrs, shall go on forever.

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