G. I. A.

G. I. A.’s, as most sub-ordinate Divisions call them­selves, is so called because they are wives of Locomo­tive Engineers. The proper name is Grand International Auxiliary to the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers.

Strangely enough, while Marceline is celebrating its Diamond Jubilee, so is the Grand International Auxil­iary, which was organized October 16, 1887.

On February 3, 1939, a charter was granted to the wives of members of B. L. E. Div. 616, Brookfield, Mo., and B.L.E. Div. 806, Marceline, Mo., for the pur­pose of organizing the subordinate Division known in Marceline as Marce-Brook Div. 314, but was organized in the city of Brookfield by Grand Organizer Inspector Jessie M. Marsh of Ft. Madison, Iowa, who now is reigning Grand Pres, of the G. I. A.’s.

The charter members of Marce-Brook Div. from Marceline are as follows: Helen Austin, Lee Olinger, Jessie Dabner, Callie Wambold, Sue Payden, Zita Flynn, Elizabeth Pitts, Lena Dieterich, Lulu Smith, Opal W. Frisby, Emma McKiernan, and Florence Gosmeyer.

In December, 1953, Brookfield charter members withdrew from the Div. and applied for a new charter to organize their own Div., now known as the Hawthorne Div. of Brookfield, Mo. Marceline Div. retained the name Marce-Brooke Div. 314.

Members meet twice a month in Veterans Hall, Marceline. Hazel Thome is the president.

The G.I.A. is dedicated to dispense charity and as­sistance to its widows, orphans, and aged dependent sisters, to promote fraternal love and sociability within the families of its members, as well us mutual pro­tection and interest in the loved ones of the B.L.E.

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