I.O.O.F. Lodge

The luxurious Odd Fellows Lodge building was dedicated September 20, 1915. The lodge had previously occupied the old miners’ hall which was located at the corner of Kansas Avenue at Gracia Street. At that time the lodge was moved from the miners’ hall to its present building.

The I. O. O. F. building here is one of the few in Missouri that houses all the orders and degrees in the Odd Fellows Lodge. The lodges here are Magnolia Lodge 112 Encampment No. 17, Patriarchs Militant Canton Loar No. 18, and the Quality Rebekah Lodge No. 475.

The present officers are Allen Slater, Noble Grand; John Wylie, Vice Grand; W.C. Twitchel, Recording Secretary; C.B. McAllister, Financial Secretary; S.P. Campbell, Treasurer; Don Santus, Warden; Edwin Carlson, Chaplain.


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