Quality Rebekah Lodge

In the Miners’ Hall on June 27, 1907, Sister Ruby Kathan, Dist. Deputy President of Bucklin, assisted by Deputy Grand Lodge officers, instituted Quality Rebekah Lodge No. 475.

The following were charter members: Della Beckman, N.G.; Stephen Wallar, Cora Wallar, Rebekah Wallar, Valentine Maddox, May Gehne, Sallie Roe, Lucille Locke (McAllister), Sue Locke (Payden), Ann Hier, Vina Dail, Lou Davis, Bird Posey, Addie Crumley, Grace Blakesley, Hortie Ellis, Grace Hutchinson, Ethna Smedley, Ida Kinnear, Sue Kinnear, Nellie Moore, Iva Haney, John McCartney, J.D. Bush, and Laura Thurston Wainscott, our only charter member who has kept her membership through all these years and now lives at the IOOF Home at Liberty.

In January, 1909, all regalia and furniture belonging to Rebekah Lodge No. 57 left in care of Magnolia Lodge was given to us. In 1912, our Lodge furnished a room at the IOOF Home at Liberty at a cost of $75. On April 28, 1915, this lodge and Magnolia Lodge laid the cornerstone for the new high school building.

In 1916 the IOOF Hall was dedicated. In January 1926 the Rebekah Lodge at Westville consolidated with Quality Lodge.

In 1948 Evergreen Rebekah Lodge of Bucklin consolidated with Quality Lodge. Evergreen Lodge had the honor of having two presidents of the Rebekah State Assembly, Sisters Ruby Kathan and Mae Hughes. Both were faithful workers serving on the Home board and many important state committees.

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