Modern Mothers’ Club History

On October 14, 1947, Carmaleta Teel, Frances White, Norma McCrary, Merle B. Baxter, Betty Luckenbill, Nelda McCoy, Mary Cupp, Jerry Pitts, Vera Dail, and Josephine Snowden met for the purpose of organizing a club for young mothers.

Mrs. Chester Ray from the sponsoring club (Mothers’ Psychology) was present and presented the club with $10.

The following officers were elected: Merle Baxter, president; Norma McCrary, vice-president; Nelda McCoy, secretary; Betty Luckenbill, cor¬responding secretary; Frances White, treasurer.

The second Tuesday of each month was agreed upon as the meeting date, the hour to be 7:30. At the following meeting names were discussed and the name “Modern Mothers” was chosen. “Big oaks from little acorns grow” was the motto. “Baby Breath” was agreed on for the flower.

The Modern Mothers club of Marceline, Missouri, was federated March 8, 1949.

The club has had several interesting speakers attend their meetings.

A few of the money-making projects of the club have been bake sales, rummage sales, square dances, and handmade baby layette raffles.

Money has been donated to several funds such as Polio, Community Chest, March of Dimes, Cancer, CARE, and R. F. E. Money has also been sent to Korea.

The club has sent baskets to needy families at Christmas and fruit plates to the rest homes. For one project we donated money for the drapes for the new Walt Disney Elementary School as our part in the community project.

Last year we headed the drive for the blood bank for St. Francis Hospital. With everyone’s cooperation we canvassed (with great success) the entire community for blood donors. This was our proudest community project.

This year we are donating money for the tree nursery the city is planning.
We were proud of one of our past members, Mrs. Sharon Haney. She entered the Vogue Sewing Contest and won first place at District.

The past presidents are as follows: Merle Baxter, 1947-48; Norma McCrary, 1948-49; Mary Watsky, 1949-50; Alice Westfall, 1950-51; Shirlea Barnes, 1951-52; Doris Wall, 1952-53; Mary Armstrong 1953-54; Lucille McGinnis, 1954-55; Norma Trammell, 1955-56; Jo Ann King, 1956-57; Margaret O’Connor, 1957-58; Joanna Holt, 1958-59; Bernice Engelhard, 1959-60; Janice Gooch, 1960-61; Shirley White, 1961-62; Georgia Smith, 1962-63.

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