Reid Family

Thomas Venable Reid was born April 13, 1862 in Rothville where his parents settled after migrating from Virginia in a covered wagon, in 1860. Tom was a farmer and a carpenter in his early years. After his marriage to Della Vaden Simpson they settled in Marceline where he helped on the construction of the first railroad track put through here. They lived on East Bisbee street, one of the first five houses built here.

In 1912, Mr. & Mrs. Reid operated a feed and farm machinery store, then a grocery store. In the 1920’s he was constable for several years and many were his experiences at this work. One experience the old timers laughed about was the day he started to Linneus (the county seat with a prisoner,) and the prisoner jumped from the train near Brookfield with Tom at his heels. Through field, ploughed ground, and across creeks they went; often the prisoner was in his grasp but pulled away; at last he could run no farther and once caught a big fist laid him down as officer and prisoner took a needed rest. For the lawbreaker it was once more jail and relaxation but for the constable his troubles wore not over – 3 weeks later he lost all his toe nails bruised so badly from pushing against his shoes during the race.

Nine children were born to this pioneer family, four girls survive: Mrs. Leona Downing, Della Lake, Wilma Reid, and Ozella Hamilton, all of Marceline.

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