Children of Pioneer

The “Children of Pioneers” was organized Sunday afternoon, March 27, 1938, at the Methodist Church by Esther Belle Wheeler. 26 persons, whose parents came to Marceline Township 40 or more years before, attended the meeting, thus becoming charter members. Officers were president, Claude Dail; vice-president, R. M. Wrenn; recording secretary, Mrs. Ruby Wolfe; corresponding secretary, Miss Anna Connelly; assisting corresponding secretary, Richard Schutte; treasurer, Mrs. Ethel Porter Dexter; reporter, Mrs. Olive Crystal McNeil; pianist, Miss Fern Wolfe and song leader, Mrs. Ruth Atwell Mercer.

At the time of the Golden Jubilee, September 8, 9, 10, 1938, there were close to 200 members.

The Fifth Commandment was chosen as the motto of the new organization. Their oval shaped pins bore the emblem of an early Santa Fe engine, name of organization and date 1888. Mr. Bledso, president of the Santa Fe; Mr. Lehman, gen. manager of Eastern Lines; Mr. C. L. Mason, Superintendent of the Missouri Division; Walt Disney and S. J. Ray, former residents, were named honorary members and each given a pin.

Due to lack of incentive, the meetings were discontinued, but with the coming of the Diamond Jubilee, interest has been revived and headquarters will be in the City Hall during the celebration.

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