Edwin Craig Locke

In 1822 Edwin Craig Locke built a log house for his bride, Sabra Jane Stanley, five miles south-west of the location that later became the pioneer town of Marceline, Missouri, in 1888.

Born in Chariton county, their grandparents came to Missouri in a covered wagon with the first settlers. The farm was one mile west of the location where the Santa Fe railroad was to be built, also near the over-head bridge, that’s still in use.

Wagons came from a distance of 10 to 15 miles with tents, cots, shovels, picks, and slips to work on the construction of the new railroad. Ed Locke opened the gate to his farm lot and yard for the use of setting up tents for shelter, water and feed for the horses of fifteen men.

Sabra Locke and two nieces, Lena and Maude Simpson, cooked breakfast, filled lunch buckets and cooked supper for these men six working days a week. They cooked on a wood stove in a summer kitchen, making bread and pies late into the night. The only groceries bought were coffee and sugar. Vegetables, fruit, and meat were all grown on the farm.

It was Ed Locke, using the slip, and Wm. De Long driving his team of horses, that turned the first dirt to start that part of the Santa Fe railroad.

There were three girls at this date, Anna May (Mrs. Harry Othic), Sue (Mrs. Chas. Payden), Lucille (Mrs. John McAllister). United with this family later, Blanche (Mrs. Rich Freeman), Emma Locke, Duncan Locke, and Edna Locke Thomas De Long.

Descendants of this pioneer family now living in Marceline, Missouri, helping to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee 1963 are two daughters, Emma and Edna, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great great-grandchildren. They are as follows: Harold Payden, Furniture and Western Auto, store owner, Mayor of City, 1945-49. He has a son, Jim, a daughter Anne. Charles Payden, Davis Paint Store, owner, president of the Chamber of Commerce. Howard Freeman, policeman. He has two sons, Gary and David. Clifford Freeman, Mayor 1962-63. His children are Jennie, Rickie, Clay, and Kerry. Miss Louise Freeman, office manager for Walsworth Publishing Co. for 25 years. Russel, Homer, and Miss Helen Othic are living on the same farm of their parents and great-grandparents. George Edwin Thomas, in the work of Color photography, is a Litho photographer. Miss Emma Locke, has been a sales clerk 45 years, Edna Thomas DeLong is the wife of Otis De Long, an engineer on the Santa Fe railroad.

Other members of the family that lived in Marceline until they completed their high school education are as follows; Mary Othic Hayen, Frances Othic Martin, Robert Payden, Kenneth Freeman, and Mike Payden. There were nine generations that have lived in or within five miles of Marceline in 145 years.

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