Old Central Bell on a Pedestal – Relic to be placed on corner of school grounds

W. F. Kucharo and Floyd Newman to Contribute the Necessary Materials and Labor For the Project

After about fifteen years of patiently waiting in the basement, the old Central school bell is to be brought to light and given an honorable discharge. The bell lost its job, through no fault of its own, when it became necessary to remodel the school building. The bell was given a lodging place in the basement.

When Central was torn down this summer to make way for the fine new high school building, the bell was discovered, a grubby old recluse, faithfully waiting to serve if needed. Such loyalty deserves credit and some of the Alumni suggested mounting the bell on a pedestal in the school yard. To do this required money and labor.

Floyd Newman generously solved the labor problem by offering to do this work free of charge if the materials were furnished. The old world’s ear is ever attune to sentiment. No sooner was the desire for materials made known than a response was made. W. F. Kuchaaro, contractor for the new building, declared he would donate everything needed to mount the bell.

Work will begin in the very near future. A cement base about two and one-half feet tall and about four feet through will form the pedestal. The mounted bell will be placed on the school grounds near the intersection of Santa Fe street and Missouri Avenue.

And thus the old bell will sit like a kindly king upon his throne, a constant reminder that sentiment is not dead in the hearts of men.

Reprint from: 1929-10-25 – The Marceline News and the Bucklin Herald

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