Marceline Jubilee


June 29 – July 4.

  • Jubilee House – at corner of Howell and Kansas Avenue. Decorated with antiques in the manner of a house of 1888.
  • Nike Missile – at the corner of Howell and Kansas Avenue. Modern technology at its most destructive force.
  • Agriculture Display
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118 S. Main Street USA

The last building on the block is the original McLaughlin Funeral Home. The brick faced building to the right is the original Miners’ Hall. Mclaughlin purchased the Miners’ Hall and converted it to a funeral chapel. Mr. McLaughlin also sold furniture and appliances, which were held in the upper floors.

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200 S. Main Street USA

This building was built by W. J. Minnich in 1911. It was originally housed a 2-story livery and carriage sales business. It had a rope powered elevator to store wagons or carriages on the upper floor. The windows on Kansas and Gracia faces were eventually filled in with brick.

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